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The goal of this project is to maintain a common/unified space where people interested in improving ctags can work together. This guide is primarily intended for. The ctags utility shall be provided on systems that support the the Software Development Utilities option, and either or both of the C- Language Development . Contribute to SublimeText/CTags development by creating an account on GitHub . Alternatively, the plugin can be installed manually using one of the following.

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This option forces the specified language case-insensitive; either built-in or user-defined to be used for every supplied file instead of automatically selecting the language based upon its extension. Note, however, that this could potentially more than double the size of the tag file. The fields and separators of these lines are specified as follows:. A “tag” signifies a language object for which an index entry is available or, alternatively, the ctagss entry created for that object.

If the first character in a map is a plus sign, then the extensions and file name patterns in that map will be appended to the current map for that language; otherwise, the map will replace the current map.

This option is off by default.

ctags.1p – Linux manual page

Any tag which is located in a non-include file and cannot be seen e. Indicates a preference as to whether code within an ” if 0″ branch of a preprocessor conditional should be examined for non-macro tags macro tags are always included.

The second command can be used to search for any tag in the TAGS file, regardless of the file you are currently viewing. This scope entry indicates the scope in which the tag was found. No qualified tags are generated for language objects inherited into a class.

Ctags Tutorial

Recurse into directories encountered in the list of supplied files. For more commands, see the Tags topic in the Emacs info document.

The following example demonstrates this condition:. Note that all languages, including user-defined languages are enabled unless explicitly disabled using this option.


Older implementations of ctags tended to rely upon certain formatting assumptions in order to help it resolve coding dilemmas caused by preprocessor conditionals. Once the tag file is built, the following commands exercise the tag indexing feature: Prints statistics about the source files read and the tag file written during the janual invocation of ctags.

Options are also accepted in this input. In fact, this seeming function definition could possibly even cause the rest of the file to be skipped over while crags to complete the definition. Use only line numbers in the tag file for locating tags.

The regular expression defined by this option is added to the current list of regular expressions for the specified language unless the parameter is omitted, in which case the current list is cleared. Alternatively, ctags can generate a cross reference file which lists, in human readable form, information about the various source objects found in a set of language files. Note that this option is available only if ctags was compiled with support for regular expressions, which depends upon your platform.

For more information on the regular expressions used by ctagssee either the regex 5,7 man page, or mnual GNU info documentation for regex e. Defines a new user-defined language, nameto be parsed with regular expressions. Eliminates finding identical matching, but incorrect, source lines see BUGSbelow.

Extension fields are tab-separated key-value pairs appended to the end of the EX command as a comment, as described above. This extension field is presently supported only for C-based languages and does not include the return type. If appropriate support is available from the runtime library of your C compiler, then the file name pattern may contain the usual shell wildcards common on Unix be sure to quote the option parameter to protect the wildcards from being expanded by the shell before being passed to ctags.

Manyal a reference to file in the tag file.

Navigate code like a pro with Ctags

In addition, the special value auto indicates that the language should be automatically selected which effectively disables this option. The actual form of the qualified tag depends upon the language from which the tag was derived using a form that is most natural for how qualified calls are specified in the language. In addition, information on the scope of the tag definition may be available, with the key portion equal to some language-dependent construct name and its value the name declared for that construct in the program.


Only options will be read from these files. In particular, the use of preprocessor constructs which ctays the textual syntax of C can fool ctags. Emacs will, by default, expect a tag file by the name “TAGS” in the current directory.

The default list is “.

Find the first definition of TAG. Indicates the visibility of this class member, where value is specific to the language. The list of identifiers may be supplied directly on the command line or read in from a separate file. To map makefiles e. This option must dtags before the first file name. Use the name specified by tagfile for the tag file default is “tags”, or “TAGS” when running in etags mode. When mapping a file extension, it will first be unmapped from any other languages.

This string will always be separated from the last tag line for the file by its terminating newline. To search for a specific tag and open Vim to its definition, run the following command in your shell:.

This option is quite esoteric and is disabled by default. Note that the name of each source file will be recorded in the tag file exactly as it appears on the command line. Majual example, manuap specify that only files with extensions of. File names read using this option are processed following file names appearing on the command line.

Ctags is a maunal that makes it easy to navigate large source code projects.