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Adventures in Blackmoor (Dungeons & Dragons Module DA1) [Dave L. Arneson, David J. Ritchie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Adventures in Blackmoor modscans/ Did you Play or DM this adventure (or both. A page saddlestitched book with loose cover and a foldout map. This is the first Mystara/Blackmoor supplement. Blackmoor has an odd history. It was first a.

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Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Yet, even as the froggies gloat, the king of Blackmoor dispatches a small band of bold adventurers to the rescue. Arneson and David J.

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, He found that the adventure only has one core idea that doesn’t get explored much. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Gary Gygax later added a Duchy of Tehn to his own Greyhawk though with little resemblance to Dave’s realm. Dave Arneson had previously discussed the idea of publishing a series of 12 modules for Mayfair Games. Temple of the Frog Type: Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, I feel that each of these version of Blackmoor is but a representive of David Arneson’s vision.

Adventures in Blackmoor Type: If divorced from the plot and used as mini-settings, they are quite nice. I’ll take the bait.


Adventures in Blackmoor – Wikipedia

More details on DA5 at the Comeback Inn. Like the other modules in the series, it features many of the locales and characters present in Blacmoor Arneson’s original “Blackmoor” campaign as seen in the First Fantasy Campaign. Similar Threads Experiences with the bonus adventures in 3.

Originally Posted by rogueattorney. Arneson and David J.

The DA-Series

On the other hand, DA4 Duchy of Ten still uses locales and characters from the original Blackmoor campaign and is set in the same locale as the first three modules. Beyond the realm of the Egg, the hated Skandaharian Raiders are building longships and preparing to fall upon Blackmoor’s unprotected coast while its tiny army turns to meet these other threats.

Seeking the volcano called the Hill of the Hammer in the far Barrens of Karsh, they built in its heart a great forge. Temple of the Frog and City of the Gods are quite a bit better, in terms of adventure content.

Adventures in Blackmoor – your experiences?

The inn shifts between dimensions for the second part of the adventure, which concerns itself with certain changes taking place inside the inn as it shifts. Thus said the god of Afridhi, Zugzul the One. Into adventurez time of black despair, there steps a band of adventurers who clutch strange swords and wear most curious armor – and who claim that Blackmoor sank beneath the ice 3, years ago!


Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Newer Post Older Post Home. Temple of the Frog has some fun concepts who wouldn’t love a temple full of cultists and killer frogs in the middle of the swamp. It has been speculated that this was due to a shift in management at TSR with Gary Gygax having left the company in towards the end of City of the Gods is fun and different.

Also included are seven pages of background for the DM, kn give the history of the area in which the adventure is set, as well as three more pages introducing the player characters to the world of Blackmoor.

To the north, the evil Egg of Coot prepares to cross the thundering sea and once again bring fire and sword into the heart of the small kingdom. But instead the whole adventure line was cancelled. Reset Fields Log in.

Carried off to the sinister City of the Frog, she is now being held blackmoot the eccentric Monks of the Swamp. Very little of the adventure actually takes place in Blackmoor.