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Viveros is the author of De quebradores y cumplidores: Sobre hombres, masculinidades y relaciones de genero en Colombia (Bogota: Universidad National de. “Quebradores y cumplidores: Biografía diversas de la masculinidad.” In Masculinidades y equidad de género en América Latina, edited by Teresa Valdés and. De quebradores y hombres, masculinidades y relacionesdegénero en Colombia [OfBreakers and Keepers. AboutMen, Masculinitiesand.

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It considers how race, gender and class operate within a market of values such that erotic, affective and economic status are shaped by racial, gender and class hierarchies. Association between employment status change and depression in Korean adults.

Based on the answers given cumplidore the participants, six classification groups were made: Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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The secret history of gender: Psychological traits and the cortisol awakening response: Rutgers University Press, ed Gender of the gift: The lesbian and gay studies reader. More educated and more equal?

In addition, since work conditions are different for men and women, the lack of information about more specific job conditions is an important limitation of this study. For men, an identity crisis could explain the association between a lack of employment and depressive symptoms since performing the role of quebradires has traditionally been the backbone of masculinity, and the perception of not fulfilling that role could cause emotional distress While this burden is primarily associated with clinical depression, depressive symptoms are more prevalent.


PLoS One ; 8: Dancing with the Devil: Income inequality, socioeconomic deprivation and depressive symptoms among older adults in Mexico.

Traficando con hombres: la antropología de la masculinidad

Sexual nature, sexual culture. For women, the presence of depressive symptoms does not appear to be associated with unemployment in this analysis and sample. The sexual erotic market as an analytical framework for understanding erotic-affective exchanges in interracial sexually intimate and affective relationships more. The poetics of manhood: Genomic insights into the overlap between psychiatric disorders: Paz e Terra, The voice of prophecy and other essays.

While cumplidoes status is significant only in men, receiving money from social programs is significantly associated in women.

In Mexico, the quality of work conditions is generally poorer for women than for men. Latin American male homosexualities. Subsyndromal depression in the United States: University of Arizona Press, Sex and death in dw rational world of defense intellectuals.

Income inequality and the prevalence of common mental disorders in Britain. This could be due to a lower statistical power given by the scarce sample in the latter strata.


Transvestism and gender in a Sardinian Carnival. Foi realizado um estudo transversal em uma amostra de The psychosocial quality of work determines whether employment has benefits for mental health: Sexuality and its discontents: It has also been reported that the principal psychosocial factors associated with depression in the Mexican population are, for women, being the head of the family, dedicating exclusively to housework or being caregivers, and, for men, being unemployed Machos, maricones, and gays: Berkeley Journal of SociologyQuito: Depression in older adults.

Gender equality, work and health: Finally, the cumplodores between unemployment and depression clearly disappeared in men with quebrqdores education. Temple University Press, Previously trained personnel conducted both questionnaires through face-to-face interviews.