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The Instruction Dignitas Connubii is the fruit of almost 10 years of work undertaken by the Dicasteries of the Holy See, at the Holy Father’s behest. The purpose. As per Dignitas Connubii, “The dignity of marriage, which between the baptised ‘ is the image of and the participation in the covenant of love between Christ. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Roch Page and others published INSTRUCTION DIGNITAS CONNUBII: CHOSEN QUESTIONS }.

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If it is not indicated in the appeal to which tribunal it is directed, it is presumed dignitqs have been made to the tribunal of dlgnitas mentioned in art. In the same circumstances the defender of the bond, promoter of justice, assessor and auditor, and the other ministers of the tribunal must abstain from exercising their office cf.

Dignitxs formulation of the doubt must determine by which ground or grounds the validity of the marriage is being challenged. If gratuitous legal assistance has been granted, it pertains to the tribunal praeses himself to name the procurator or advocate. A marriage between Catholics, even if only one party is a Catholic, is governed not only by divine law but also by canon law, without prejudice to art.

Within a month of the exhibition of the new proofs and arguments, the tribunal of appeal, having heard the defender of the bond and having informed the other party, must decide by decree whether the new proposition of the cause must be admitted or not cf. A marriage between a Catholic party and a baptized non-Catholic party dignnitas governed also: Appeal is possible from a decision concerning a complaint of nullity.

Dignitas Connubii

Marriage, therefore, in conformity with a conviction rooted in the civilizations of all the ages, is a public union. A tribunal of the Latin Church, without prejudice to artt. In the first grade of trial, if it happens that a college cannot be formed, the Conference of Bishops, as long as this impossibility persists, can permit a Bishop Moderator to entrust causes to a single clerical judge who, when this can be done, is to employ an assessor and an auditor; to the same single judge, unless it is determined otherwise, pertain those things attributed to a college, praeses or ponens cf.

Nothing however prevents further proofs of any kind from being brought forth in the course of the trial. The Bishop Moderator is understood to be the Diocesan Bishop in regard to a diocesan tribunal and the designated Bishop, mentioned in art.


A complaint of nullity can also be proposed together with an appeal, within the time limit established for appealing, or together with a petition for an new examination of the same cause, mentioned in art. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

If the acts are drawn up in a language unknown to the higher tribunal, they are to be translated into a language known to that tribunal, with due precautions having been taken to verify the fidelity of the translation can.

Dignitas connubii : norms and commentary in SearchWorks catalog

The expert in his opinion is to respond to the individual points defined in the decree of the judge according to the precepts of his own art and science; he is to take care lest he exceed the limits of his task by giving forth judgements which pertain to the judge cf.

Unless he has a special mandate, a procurator cannot validly renounce an action, an instance, or judicial acts, nor in general do those things for which the law requires a special mandate cf. But in regard to parties who attempted marriage before a civil official or non-Catholic minister while they were bound to canonical form according to can. The judge who issued a sentence is to hear the complaint of nullity proposed by way of an action; but if the party fears that the judge, who issued the sentence being challenged by a complaint of nullity, is overly concerned about the matter, and thus considers him suspect, he can demand that another judge be appointed in his place, in accordance with art.

Dignitas Connubii – Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts

The procurator and advocate must be of good reputation; in addition the advocate must be a Catholic, unless the Bishop Moderator allows otherwise, and a doctor in canon law, or otherwise truly expert, connuubii approved by the same Bishop cf. However, in causes of the nullity of marriage a judicial confession is understood to be a declaration, made in writing or orally, before a competent judge, spontaneously or at the questioning of the judge, by which a party asserts a fact regarding oneself that is opposed to the validity of the marriage.

Secretary of connubi Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura Instruction provides reliable explanation of the tribunal procedure General considerations on matrimonial causes today The Instruction Dignitas Connubii concerns the approximately diocesan or interdiocesan tribunals of the Latin Church that deal almost exclusively with cases of matrimonial nullity.

To a party absent in accordance with art. For this reason it falls to connubil Bishops, and this should weigh heavily on their consciences, to see to it that suitable ministers of justice for their tribunals are trained in canon law appropriately and in a timely manner, and are prepared by suitable practice to instruct causes of marriage properly and decide them correctly.


To this doctrinal progress in the understanding of the institution of marriage there is added in our day a progress in the human sciences, especially the psychological and psychiatric ones which, since they offer a deeper understanding of the human person, can offer much help for a fuller understanding of those things which are required in the human person in order that he or she be capable of entering the conjugal covenant.

An advocate designated to provide gratuitous legal assistance cannot withdraw from this function unless for a reason approved by the judge. It pertains to the college to determine, in the definitive sentence, whether the expenses are to be paid by the petitioner alone or also by the other party, and to set the proportion of payments between one party and the other.

These proofs are made available by the parties and the judge to enable connubik of the evidence put forward by the spouses in the cause, dignitaw are important in proving the nullity of the impugned marriage.

The recourse is to be proposed before the author of the decree, who, unless he has decided that the decree issued by him is to be revoked, is to defer to the matter to the college without delay.

It pertains to the praeses of the college: Whenever an ecclesiastical judge must decide about the nullity of a marriage of baptized non-Catholics:. Confessions and other judicial declarations of the parties can have probative force, to be evaluated by the judge together with the other circumstances of the cause, but the force of full proof cannot be attributed to them, unless there are present other elements of proof dignits entirely corrob- orate them cf. Chapter II The conclusion in the cause Art.

In order to be valid, the renunciation must be made in writing, must be signed by the party or by the party’s procurator who has a special mandate to do so, must be communicated to the other party, must be accepted by that party or at least not challenged, and must be admitted by the praeses or ponens cf.