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” Dimensions in Mathematics” by L.C. Parnault is mentioned in the novel The Girl Who. Dimensions in mathematics. Comments: Last comment by Steve Y in Ann Arbor 04 August Started by: Anonymous 02 August L. C. Parnault is the author of Dimensions in Mathematics ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews).

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Mirage in Reno 22 November Moira in Seattle 15 July GM in London 07 February It has proper mathematical explanations, including the equations, which is something that, sadly, most such books lack. Manuel in Lima 24 January Jacob Bukacek in Oakville 08 December The Robert Pickton case comes to mind, for several reasons.

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A really hard puzzle is one that takes more than a few hours. Andrew Situ in Fremantle 05 January Dusko Milic in Ljubljana 27 January Cara in Torquay UK 22 Dimensinos It is a common popular belief that there must be some elementary proofs of the theorem out there either waiting to be discovered or known in secret as the story suggests.


Jim DiGriz in Ellanaduo 06 December Deuschle in Chicago 05 January Editor in Sweden 17 November Notify me of new comments via email. This site uses cookies.

March 21, at 6: JJ 08 November In the end, Salander seems to realize that Fermat’s solution was a sort of joke rather than anything mathematical at all, even suggesting that it would have been better solved by a philosopher than a mathematician.

The Dragon from Salanderville 23 April However, as this blog from Harvard University Press explains, there is no such book or author.

December 31, at Nicolas 6 June This entry dlmensions posted in The Tattooed Girl. Shady 03 August Unlike the fictional Dimensionsthe Companion might have given Salander some idea of what research mathematics actually looks like.

Melissa in Vancouver 18 August Maike in London 08 January The Girl Who Played with Fire Louis MO 31 December Bodyfreak in Chesterfield 14 July Janice Keeler in Atlanta Georgia 02 January You are commenting using your WordPress.