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Protezione civile: firmato protocollo d’intesa tra Italia e Marocco IT only; 1/10/ UNISDR. PPRD . Arabic only; 28/11/ The Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS builds on the enormous Situation epidemiologique du VIH/Sida et des IST au Maroc. Rabat. KPMG Al Fozan & Al Sadhan, a Saudi Arabian and a member firm of the KPMG network of independent member firms Note 1) and-people/variety/11/august/5/; monde/pages/;.

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Mobilizing the MENA Diaspora for Economic Integration and Cooperation, Mariem Mezghenni Malouche and Fanny Salsac This paper does not discuss the benefits of diaspora returnee or incentives offered to diaspora members to return to their home country to invest, create jobs or work in the government.

A Multilevel Analysis of Tunisian Manufacturing, Mohamed Amara and Khaled Thabet In this paper, we dosstor multilevel models to simultaneously analyze individual and contextual factors that might affect the total factor productivity of Tunisian manufacturing firms for the period Commissioner Georgieva web page. Madoc from the Arab Spring: This paper examines the factors dostpr cause and affect intergovernorate migrations in Tunisia, with special focus on the role of regional socio-economic disparities in driving large internal migration streams.

Early Evidence from Egypt?

بركان زووم : واقع دوار سيدي علي بن يخلف بلسان أطفاله by berkane zoom

Politicizing Religion or Not? The objective is to answer the question of how Egyptian, Moroccan and Tunisian select their partners. The Case of Turkey, Elif Kara This study investigates one important education policy related question: This paper examines the dynamic dependence structure across the GCC equity indices with the Dow Jones Islamic emerging equity index and four macroeconomics factors.

Apart from traditional determinants in the choice of sourcing partners for intermediate inputs, bilateral political relations between the trading countries are likely to play an important role.


We investigated the impact of alternative variance equation specifications and different densities on the forecasting of one-day-ahead value-at-risk for the Istanbul stock market.

The main aim of this paper is to investigate the effects of Tunisian trade policy on household welfare. Local Versus International Crises, Foreign Subsidiaries and Bank Stability, Tammuz Al Raheb and Amine Tarazi We investigate the impact of global and local crises on bank stability and examine the effect of owning bank subsidiaries in other countries. EU Delegatio n to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

دستور المملكة المغربية 2017

We study empirically the costor of fiscal policy to changes in the permanent and transitory components of GDP in a panel of countries. European Commission Web Site. This paper attempts to provide additional light on the analysis of the level and trends in inequality of opportunity among Tunisian children during the last quinquennium before the revolution.

We use the recently released household survey data in combination with estimated tariff pass-through elasticities and wage elasticities obtained from Mincerian equations. Ministry of Education Website. In particular, an explicit risk aggregation and capital expression is provided regarding the portfolio choice and capital requirements special context.

Occupational Mobility and Return Migration, Nelly El-Mallakha and Jackline Wahba We study the extent to fostor temporary overseas migration enables returnees to climb the occupational ladder. The Case of Egypt, Doaa El-Diftar Disclosure and transparency are crucial elements in the improvement of overall corporate governance. Ross and Stefan Ruediger Natural resource wealth has been linked to a wide range of adverse economic and political outcomes1.

Deciphering mafoc Relationship between Internal Migration and Inequality in Tunisia, Mohamed Amara and Hatem Jemmali This paper examines the factors that cause and affect intergovernorate migrations in Tunisia, with special focus on the role of regional socio-economic disparities in driving large internal migration streams. Does International Migration Help them Marry earlier?

We examine the degree of sensitivity to interest rate changes among creditors and depositors in Islamic and conventional banks. Was the approach expansionary or contractionary? Shopkeepers in the Shadow of the Arab Spring: Navigating the Transition in the Medium to Long Run In the medium to long term, the storm would typically begin to calm down, both politically and economically.


This paper contributes to the literature on the determinants of Business Cycle Synchronization with the aim of assessing the impact of several channels trade, finance and remittances on international business cycle co-movements.

To our knowledge, this is the first study in 20011 literature that evaluates banks in the region across the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review CCAR stress scenarios.

Productivity, Exports Performance and Investment Climate, Nora Aboushady and Chahir Zaki The objective of this paper is to explore the nexus between exports performance and components of the investment climate. It presents a detailed case study of illegal trade networks in Southern Tunisia. Osman Furkan Abbasogolu, Serife Genc Ileri, and Yasin Mimir Credit growth has been an important indicator of financial stability for emerging economies in recent years. We consider banks from MENA countries which experienced both types of crises during our sample period.

Mahmoud Haddad and Sam Hakim The absence of a uniform standard for stress tests is a key challenge today for Central Banks in the Gulf.

dostor news By ahmed_rassam | Politics Cartoon | TOONPOOL

The proliferation of global value chains makes the domestic production of goods increasingly dependent dosto inputs from foreign sources. Croatian National Protection and Rescue Directorate. Miniesy and Eman Elish The objective of this paper is three fold: This paper compares the early employment outcomes of those graduates after the 25th January revolution to that of those who graduated before