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A nonalert downer cow appears systemically sick and depressed. Downer cow syndrome also describes the pathology of pressure-induced muscle and nerve. A recumbent cow is often described as being ‘down’ and when it has been recumbent for a prolonged period as a ‘downer cow’. There are many causes of a . Downer Cow Syndrome. • Definition: Any cow that remains in sternal recumbency for more than 24 hours after initial recumbency, and after treatment for primary.

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Cow should be made to stand within a short time following parturition. About About 5m Publishing Our Editors.

At least 10 in. Cow should not be made over fatty through too much feeding during advance pregnancy. Soft bedding for calved animals.

Cow remains bright and alert. The downer cows most difficult to treat are those that do not try to eat. Company No part of this downet may be reproduced without permission.

This should be repeated several times a day. Downer animals should be milked normally and the udder kept clean by washing with germicide soap before milking and post milking teat dips should be applied. More seriously, the risk of mastitis resulting from the contaminated environment is very high.

Re-placement therapy with Calcium, Phosphorus, magnesium, Glucose containing preparations can be used parenterally by qualified veterinarian. This damage occurs because a cow going off its feet results in heavy pressure on its muscles and nerves, this is made worse in many diseases by the cow being unable to shift position to prevent continuous bearing of weight.

Protection from the elements is essential.


1 alpha-hydroxycholecalciferol for the treatment of the downer cow syndrome.

The Downer Cow The downer cow is not very well defined. The weight of the bull should be within the weight bearing capacity of the cow. Welfare considerations Although a cow may rise after being recumbent for 14 days, this does not imply that a cow should be left for this period.

A shallow rubber feed bowl prevents spillage.

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Lettuce and cabbage leaves are accepted by some cows. If this is not done, the weight of the cow results in ischemia in the muscles of the hindlimb. In other words, if the animal was presented in lateral recumbency on its left side, it should be rolled into sternal recumbency on its right side.

If the cow struggles and scrapes the wet manure, exposing concrete, more manure must be added. Their proper use requires experience, skill, and a delicate touch. A low level of blood magnesium has been incriminated as cause but it may develop along with low level of calcium.

If the cow does not drink, she must be given fluid therapy either by drench or parenterally. This could be post-calving, a metabolic issue such as milk fever or a disease such as mastitis or metritis. Calcium and Magnesium Injection. In most cases, recovery depends on the quality of recumbency management and nursing care.

Rather than being offered large amounts of feed, the cow should be tempted with sweet hay. The damage of the heart muscle may be attributable downerr repeated dosing with calcium preparations in milk fever condition. Rain and wind can reduce body temperature considerably and worsen shock if present. Sand is the ideal bedding material. Acetonaemia Fatty Liver Rumen Acidosis. Appetite, rumination, defecation and urination are usually normal.


Sybdrome type of stance is ascribed as “creeper cow” A downer cow dwner continues to remain down for more than 7 days ends fatally. Registration VAT No. Every effort must be made to roll the cow from one side onto the other every 3 hr.

1 alpha-hydroxycholecalciferol for the treatment of the downer cow syndrome.

Placing bitter-tasting weeds such as ivy or dandelion in the mouth may provoke salivation and an interest in eating. Downer cows are often hypocalcemic. The animal should be rolled into sternal recumbency. This should be cleared away every 30 min if not accepted.

This is frequently met in exotic and cross bred dairy dowenr. Muscular injury due to too much confinement in the byre, obesity, over feeding during dry period and too much compression of limbs. Events Latest Events Submit Event.

On every day of the recumbency, an attempt should be made to bring the cow to its feet. A sharp blow is delivered by driving the knees into the muscle mass below and caudal to the scapula. Affected dpwner remain bright and alert but are unable to stand.

Attempt should be made to lift the cow on its fore legs by using body slings. Lateral recumbency must be corrected immediately to avoid regurgitation and inspiration of stomach contents. Parenteral Vitamin D3 should be given in milk fever prone cow during pregnant period. Monitoring the blood mineral status is an important part of downer cow management.