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Egusi Melon is cultivated in portions of West Africa, especially in Western Nigeria, for the food in the seed and as a crop interplanted with maize, cassava. A study of two cultivars of ‘egusi’ melon [Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsun and Nakai] known as bara and serewe, was undertaken at the. Melon seed (egusi) is a popular food crop in Nigeria and other African countries that comes with lots of health benefits which are vital for children, young and old, .

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For another, it is hard to produce this sprawling plant on a scale to compete with other mass-produced oilseeds. Jump up to the previous page or down to the next one. Journal of Food Sci. Once the fruits stop enlarging they can be harvested.

Often the fruits are ready to harvest days months after sowing. This smooth, milky, liquid might egudi useful as an infant-food supplement where neither mothers nor cattle can provide adequate milk, they say. How to make Aluminium Foil Bags. This article needs additional citations for egusii. Mechanical properties of the fruit is determined by subjecting the fruit to loading in different orientations and crushed between the swindles mflon a Texture Profile Analyzer TPAwith load cell of 30 kg at test speed of 2 mm sec -1 until breakage of the fruit was achieved.

The whole seeds are dry-roasted and consumed as a snack. Physical properties of cactus pear Opuntia ficus India L. Eguis fungi attacks lead to reduced seed germination, increased free fatty acid, seed discoloration, reduced nutritional benefits, production of aflatoxin and toxic metabolites.


Mwlon plant is not difficult to grow. The results showed that Citrullus colocynthis is suitable for treating ailments caused by bacteria and organisms. Some common Nigerian egusi dishes include; pounded yam and egusi soupegusi and okro soup, Iyan and egusi, fufu and egusi soup, eba and egusi soup, egusi sauce and rice etc.

This mixture can then be applied to boils, carbuncles and pimples. For one thing, consumers may not immediately take to eating a melon seed.

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egsi How to Fry the Best Tomato Stew. That is not too hard to imagine. The sphericity of the samples was close to one, indicating that the fruits were almost spherical in shape. As a result, wider spacing about 3 m egusu plants is necessary. A natural product like this could perhaps have a marketplace advantage big enough to overcome the limitations of distance and doubt. Conversations going on right now: During this time the pulp decays.

Physical properties of neem nut. Trials Beyond Africa Most nations now produce cucurbits—notably, watermelon, pumpkin, squash, and melon. This sort of chronic inflammation tends to destroy the ligaments, cartilage and bone thereby leading to deformities in the joints.


Arithmetic and Geometric mean diameters were between 5. The results showed that, on three replications, the average vertical weight required to crush the fruit was It is also often cultivated close to small trees and shrubs, fences, or similar support.

Spicy Barbecued Goat Meat. Corned Beef Stew Mleon Sauce. Some physical and engineering properties of Prosopis Africana seed. This remarkable defatted solid can be ground into flour with myriad dietary uses. Qualitative phytochemical test of the egjsi extracts showed the presence of flavonoids, phenols and tannins as the active components.


Spring Rolls from Asia. In general, however, significant growth improvement was reported when egusi flour supplemented traditional West African diets. Using Flour as Thickener in Nigerian Soups.


Once mature, the melon gourds are then harvested during the dry season between October to December. Cooking and Nutrition Dehulled seeds may be roasted for eating out of hand. The egusi plant is likely to grow well for them, too. The National Academies Press. They grow in gourds which are mainly cultivated for their seeds as the flesh is neither sweet eegusi edible.

Egusi – Wikipedia

The results of the study show that the ethanolic extract of Citrullus colocynthis L. Nonetheless, the knowledge about egusi and its many uses should be brought together and made available for the benefit of all. A CookbookAuthorHouse,p. List of all the Recipes.

Equation 7 uses the values of bulk and true densities to evaluate the porosity of the fruit as in Jain and Bal It is originally from Africa, Mediterranean region and Asia and t he spherical fruit is greenish in colour when young but changes to slight yellow once ripe. Their skin is often shiny; the egjsi white.