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Get this from a library! Mémoires de la pasionaria: el unico camino. [Dolores Ibárruri; Françoise Rosset]. Download Citation on ResearchGate | The New Marianism of Dolores Ibárruri¿s ” El único camino” | Kevin O’Donnell is an Assistant Professor of Spanish at the. Buy EL UNICO CAMINO. by Dolores. IBARRURI (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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El Unico Camino : Dolores Ibarruri :

As soon as the victory of ddolores Popular Front in the elections became known I, already an elect member of Parliament, showed up at the prison do,ores Oviedo the next morning, went to the office of the Director, who had fled in a mad panic because he had behaved like a genuine criminal toward the Asturian prisoners interned after the revolution of Octoberand there I found the Administrator to whom I said, “Give me the keys because the prisoners must be released this very day.

The curriculum was basic and mainly religious; discipline was harsh. June 17,p. She succeeded, but she was detained briefly in the prisons of Sama de Langre and Oviedo. July 20,p. The tomes were published between and Moments later she occupied the inaugural session’s vice-presidential chair. An end must be put to these traitors once and for all so that our men on the front lines can fight without fear of being stabbed in the back.

Speech, human communication through spoken language. She stated that she had travelled outside the USSR many times, that her profession was a publicist and contributor to newspapers and magazines, that she was the president of the PCE and that she wanted to travel freely to her own country.

The work involved the continual evaluation, analysis and discussion of the progress of Communism outside the Soviet Union. Communist Party of Spain.


Dolores Ibárruri

The article came out during Holy Week and focused on religious hypocrisy, at odds with the Passion of Christ. He had been shot in the head. To speak about the triumph of socialism over one-sixth of the earth, to write about the lush development of agriculture in the Soviet Uniona development unequalled by any other country, to admire the astonishing growth of socialist industry and the impetuous gains of the workers, to marvel at damino unprecedented accomplishments of the mighty Soviet air unioc, at the mighty beefing up of the Soviet navy, to describe the glorious exploits of the Red Army liberator of peoples, to study the wonderful framework of the huge socialist state with its multiple nationalities united by unbreakable bonds of fraternal friendship, to observe the progress of science, art and of the culture of all Soviet peoples, the joyous life of their children, women, workers, peasants and intellectuals, the abiding security of everyone and their faith in the future, to know the daily ibarriri of socialism and the univo actions of the Soviet people means to see Stalin, to cite Stalin, to encounter Stalin.

November 21,p.

She used various aliases such as Antonio de Guevara or Juan de Guernica presumably to make believe the station had an extensive network of commentators and newspapermen. This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat In her acceptance speech she said: She remained honorary president of the Spanish Communist Party until her death.

Some of her famous phrases supporting the republican cause are from this period. May 6,morning edition, p. This task was complemented by internal discussions in the PCE central committee which focused on Spain.

She held a press conference in Moscow to publicize these ibatruri. When we point out the need of opposing Trotskyism we discover a very strange phenomenon, that voices are raised in its defense in the ranks of certain organizations and among certain circles in certain parties.


They contrasted the Communists’ police state to the egalitarian conditions that obtained prior to the May events.

Dolores Ibárruri – Wikipedia

November 8,p. La lucha y la vida. She delighted in camkno the emancipation of Russian women. The persecution inside the party increases unido do the arrests of comrades who come to Spain from France. General Secretary of the Communist Party of Spain Although many animals possess voices of various types and inflectional capabilities, human beings have learned to modulate their voices by articulating the laryngeal tones into audible oral speech.

This article may contain excessive or inappropriate references to self-published sources. June 9,p. She died in Madrid that year, at the age of ninety four. And we realize that the hand of Fascism is behind every attempt to demoralize our home front, to undermine the authority of the Republic.

And in this fighting some of our finest and bravest comrades have perished.

That year she was elected Vice-president of the Parliament and had an important role on account of her activity against the regime of the time. Her transformation from a simple village woman into a ibzrruri and communist militant took place slowly, and was a reaction to the subhuman situation in which mining families lived and the influence of the religious education received in schools and families. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context.