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Whether expanding, upgrading, or constructing a new facility, Schlumberger advanced process technology is the solution to your difficult treating needs. The NATCO DUAL FREQUENCY electrostatic treater, used as a dehydrator and desalter in upstream crude oil processes, employs both AC and DC power to. Abstract Electrostatic treaters have been used at various Shell fields to dehydrate light, medium, and heavy crudes. The performance and operating envelope of.

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Gas, which has separated from the emulsion, rises to the top of the inlet section. Temperature controls treatet thermostats are an important part of any emulsion treater.

Electrostatic Treater Operation | SCIENCE PARK

Electrostatic treaters are used for three-phase separation: Since electrostatic treaters operate under pressure, they should be equipped with pressure relief devices that have enough capacity to protect the treater if pressure increases. Log in to your subscription Username. Centrifugal force creates a vortex and accentuates the separation effect.

The operational success is not fully realized since in most cases the electric grids have been either switched off or short circuited. Generally, dispersed droplets approximately 2 to 3 drop electristatic apart tend to electrostatix.

Implementation of these design rates could lead to tangible capital savings in reduced size and dead weight important to tension leg platforms as well as in reduced operating costs. Electrostatic treaters are similar to horizontal heater treaters in design and operation.

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Electrostatic Treaters Process

The inlet treatdr surge sections are held at a slightly higher pressure than the treating section. Electrostatic dehydration of light, medium, and heavy crudes has been used at various Shell fields, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico, West Texas, and California.

If it hits the firetube directly, a hot spot will form and premature firetube failure will occur. There are several reasons why a higher pressure is maintained in the first two sections. A circuit breaker, located between the electrostxtic source and the transformer, protects the transformer from electrical power failures.

All components of the electrical system are designed for high voltage service. The upper grid is grounded to the vessel shell and treqter adjustable so that the electrostatic field can be regulated to meet varying coalescing requirements. Free gas is released as emulsion strikes the hood or eleftrostatic and rises to the top of the inlet section.

This action lifts the diaphragm and allows water to flow through the dump valve. Operating temperature is important and will vary from lease to lease. Some electrostatic treaters are designed to allow water in the inlet section to join water in the treating seciion before being removed from the treater. The produced fluids enter the treater and any gas is vented.

In warmer climates, heating may be necessary only in colder months. Proceedings of an International Conference Submersible Technology: Oil, water, and gas discharge lines must be equipped with controls. The attraction force for droplets of equal sizes is electrosratic mathematically by where K is the dielectric constant, E is the electrical gradient, d is the drop radius, and D is the distance between droplet centers.


A major purpose of the surge section is to keep the treating section “fluid-packed. Step-up transformers increase the incoming voltage to a higher level, eldctrostatic. Please post helpful feedback.

Contact Us Subscribe to newsletter How to contribute? Several things happen as emulsion moves upward across the firetubes. When the water level changes, these checks can be done to restore it to the pre-set condition:.

No clean flectrostatic leaves the treating section unless an equal amount of fluid enters the surge section. When the emulsion returns to the pre-set level, the dump valve closes and allows oil to accumulate in the treating section. If the electrical forces are higher than gravitational forces, settling of the water drops will be hindered.

Advanced search Show search help. Proceedings of an international conference Diverless and Deepwater Techology: Electroetatic, which has separated from the water, rises to the top of the treating section. Therefore, the treating process has already begun by the time the emulsion reaches the treater.

Rock Mechanics Symposium and 5th U. It is in this section that final treating and settling takes place. The main difference between the two units is the electric coalescing section in the electrostatic treater which replaces the hay section in the heater treater.