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As a child, Elias Chacour lived in a small Palestinian village in Galilee. The townspeople were proud of their ancient Christian heritage and lived at peace with. Book Title: Blood Brothers: The Dramatic Story of a Palestinian Christian Working for Peace in Israel. Author: Elias Chacour and David Hazard. Elias Chacour enjoyed a simple childhood in Biram, a small village in Galilee. School, church, and family met his needs and nurtured his soul, so he grew in the .

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Blood Brothers Summary & Study Guide

Rather than focus on the injustices of the past, however, Father Chacour, from his current residence in the village of Ibillin, has become a force for peace, justice and reconciliation among all ethnic and religious groups in Israel, bringing dignity to Arabic Palestinians and fostering cooperation and mutual effort toward progress.

Chxcour though, Israeli soldiers invade the village, first living alongside the villagers, but later forcing an evacuation. It was very good at explaining things that might be confusing to Americans that are uneducated about the Middle East.

He lives in a large family that owns a fig orchard. Some of his methods for creating a sense of ownership and hope is to build schools and community centers – much like Greg Mortensen. This is the Palestinian word for the catastrophy their description for when Zionists arrived in Palestine and forcefully took the land in the Zionist quest to reclaim biblical Israel. Eventually, he had to face a large enemy in himself.

Elias Chacour

He lived at peace with his neighbors until the end of World War 2 when zionists started to take over the land. The straight and narrow path is difficult not because a creed is accepted, but because truly following in the footsteps that Jesus commands is the exact opposite of what the world teaches, that we should seek to humbly see and accept our own faults and the faults of the “us”, “our group,” nationality, church group, etc.


Elias’s father was forced to sell the fig orchard that he lived on and then in a mean twist began to work there as well. Both books helped me to look at Jews in different perspective and also helped me to through away a little bit of unrecognized discrimination in my mind.

Chacour learns to have a compassionate view of his Jewish brothers and works for reconciliation between the various religious and ethnic groups in Israel. He as a child watched his family be stripped of their home and have chavour taken from him and so he had to leave his family and go to an orphanage.

Views Read Edit View history. Get Blood Brothers from Amazon. But if taking our side would mean to become one-sided against my Jewish brothers and sisters, back up. Upon ordination, he was assigned a dying chacoru in the factious village of Ibillin and was forced to confront his own “demons” as he fought to unify its people.

No, I didn’t approve everything Israel does, especially the last decades, and yes, I did feel that the rights of Arabs needed to be more taken into consideration. Thus begins his life as a Palestinian refugee.

The men of Galilee are able to help him with a bgothers. He realized that the community was divided between Christian and Arab and that the only answer was forgiveness. On my books cover, it says that Chacour has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. He had to deal with the constant pressure from other Palestinians to join the violent revolts to the Zionist attacks on the Palestine. Published init is still a relevant read today. I chacoour a recent search and found this page because Elias gave a eliad two hour overview of his work in Ibilum,Galilee here in Spokane.

For more information, see his website, www. This book was effective in that it was able to keep the reader interested throughout most of the book while also bringing historical facts into it and being capable of teaching the reader about what happened.


If you want to learn about a man who fought demons that we all fight and won just enough to make a difference and maybe even you want to do similar this is your book to read. He argued bloos the immigrating Jews should help Palestinians find their own identity and open to them the new Jewish hospitals, chacout, and reading rooms That we show mercy when others cannot repay us, just as Jesus has done and continually does for borthers. In a world taut with tension and terror, ths book offers hope-filled insight into living at peace.

One thousand people will argue about the problem. Everything we read and hear has to to with framing them all as terrorists. It was intriguing to read about the upbringing that the author experienced with peaceful parents and militant Israeli events.

They want their land back. He was welcomed into the world with a loving family who believed in Jesus Christ. Blood Brothers is an autobiography written by Elias Chacour.

Then a second bomb exploded, cuacour a third, killing several people brpthers a synagogue. From inside the book. He felt a growing hopelessness and questioned his faith. The reason I read fiction is that it is the condensed idea an author came up with and therefore is chalk full of new and interesting ideas. I agree with this even though it can be hard for me to love everyone also. I don’t mean to sound like I don’t think the work he is doing is important.

Blood Brothers – Elias Chacour – Google Books

His childhood was one of the roughest childhoods you could have. Lists with This Book. Elias Chacour, author of this book.