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Abstract. ESTOPINAN REBOLLAR, Ramón; ESTOPINAN CANOVAS, Ramón and PILA PELAEZ, Rafael. Enfermedad de Hirschsprung en un adulto. Rev Col. Resumen. LOMBANA, Luis Jorge y DOMINGUEZ, Luis Carlos. Surgery in adult Hirschsprung’s disease. Rev Col Gastroenterol [online]. , vol, n La enfermedad de Hirschsprung es una enfermedad del intestino grueso (colon). Normalmente, las heces fecales son empujadas a través del colon por.

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It usually presents as severe constipation with colonic dilatation proximal to the aganglionic segment.

South Med J ; Techniques chirurgicales appareil digestif. Conventional anorectal manometry trace showing the absence of the inhibitory rectoanal reflex with the maximum tolerable rectal capacity. Hirschsprung’s Disease HDalso enfermedxd as congenital aganglionic megacolon, is an anomaly characterized by an absence of ganglion cells in the myenteric and submucosal plexuses in a enfermedd bowel segment.

Clinical features, diagnostics and treatment of Hirschsprung’s disease in adults. CD detection of interstitial cells of Cajal: A barium enema study identified megarectum fig.

Nevertheless, the literature considers as the procedure of choice the Duhamel technique in only one surgical time, 2 which reduces the hospitalization time.

Enfermedad de Hirschprung del adulto

Barium enema showing megarectum. Complaints of fecal incontinence are often reported in the literature in cases of functional constipation and of idiopathic megacolon.

Conventional anorectal manometry trace showing the absence of the inhibitory rectoanal reflex with the maximum tolerable rectal capacity. Contents by Year, Volume and Issue. The patient was asymptomatic while awaiting definitive surgical treatment.

IHC x positive for S in the nerve plexuses. Hirschsprung’s disease was described inwith the report of 20 cases of congenital megacolon in children. The girl was discharged on the 5th day after surgery. Rev Col Gastroenterol, 31pp. The disadvantage of this technique is that hirshsprung requires a new intervention to restore the intestinal transit.


Case Report A year-old male was admitted in the Emergency Department by generalized abdominal pain accompanied by anorexia of several days duration. Standing and prone abdominal radiography showed x-ray opacity compatible with fecal matter.

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The authors declare that there is no conflict of interest. Therefore, the most hirschpsrung stools upstream pass around the fecal impaction and produce the reported symptom, known as fecal incontinence soiling.

Emergency surgery was indicated, performing an anastomosis resection and end ileostomy. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. The frequency of HD at young edges is higher on men, but as the edge grows, it occurs more in women. It is a rare disease in adulthood, but its diagnosis should be considered in cases of constipation that is refractory to conventional adutos therapy.

The patient was discharged in good general health and tolerating normal food. Typically, patients go to the doctor with a long-standing history of constipation requiring frequent laxative use. Hirsschsprung factor contributed to the delay in her diagnosis, driving the pediatrician out of a HD hypothesis.

Several procedures have been designed to treat HD, of which the most important are the following 7: This surgery is considered curative.

Wall of the rectum with aganglionosis consistent with Hirschsprung’s disease fig. In our case, we are in a situation of irreversible adulos of entire colon, so we opted for a total colectomy, restoring intestinal transit by ileo-rectal anastomosis. The journal accepts original articles, scientific letters, review articles, clinical guidelines, consensuses, editorials, letters to the Editors, brief communications, and clinical images in Gastroenterology in Spanish and English for their publication.

Its pages are hirschspruung to the members of the Association, as well as to all enfermedadd of the medical community interested in using this forum to publish their articles in accordance with the journal editorial policies. SRJ is a prestige metric based on the idea that not all citations are the same. Previous article Next article.


In addition, it is established that factors related to gender play a role, since men are preferentially affected, at a frequency of 4: Myomectomy has the advantage of being technically easier and presenting a low morbidity, but it has worse functional outcomes and can only be used in ultra-HD 7,8.

Some hircshsprung involve gene mutations for endothelin-B receptor. This disorder is uncommon in adolescence and in adulthood and when present in this age group, it shows up as an ultrashort-segment disease. However you have to be at the expectation of the results when the patient defecates after the surgery, because it can present fecal incontinence or constipation.

Case Reports Late diagnosis of Hirschsprung’s disease. Peripheral aerial imagery was found in hirschssprung dilated segment, gas-like wall, which is thickened in this segment.

With diagnostic methods already established in the literature, the sole treatment is surgery. Based on the length of the affected segment, it is classified as: In addition, the reported symptoms caused the girl’s parents to begin to justify such a hirschsprubg as a result of some psychological, rather than organic, disorder.

Vólvulo en adultos

Subscribe to our Newsletter. For our patient, fecal incontinence is a more limiting symptom than the constipation itself, because the girl was living in constant fear of occurrence of such fact in environments like her school, which would cause great embarrassment before other aduotos.

Peritoneal irritation was not found.