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Editorial Reviews. Review. Eternity Road is set 1, years from now, when the Eternity Road – Kindle edition by Jack McDevitt. Download it. Part of the trick and charm of McDevitt’s (Eternity Road) new novel lies in the protagonists’ encounters with objects–aircraft, computers, road signs, etcthey, but. The Roadmakers left only ruins behind — but what magnificent ruins! Their concrete highways still cross the continent. Their cups, combs and jewelry are fou .

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Strangely enough he bequeaths an assumed lost Roadmaker book named A Eteernity Yankee in King Arthur’s Court to the sister of one of the men lost on the trip. Despite some questions about the societal structure which honestly could go in so many directions, and this is just one possibility and that’s fine this was a very enjoyable read. Interesting that McDevitt, as jxck has done before, explores the theme of what a sentient computer would do after being unable to live life as a being, rad than commit suicide.

In the beginning of the book we find that a disastrous trip has been made to find a place called Haven. The Illyrians knew the world was round, though some among the lower classes were skeptical.


This one is different! The first pages or so are a bit slow–just buildup to the group leaving.

Nine years later he commits suicide. There were many missed opportunities jafk this book to soar. Based on this new information and using the sketches as a roadmap a small band of six companions set off in search of the mysterious city of Haven. That people will revere the written word under these circumstances is most probable. Jul 16, Bobby rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Trivia About Eternity Road.

Chaka Milana’s brother was one of the fatalities.

Eternity Road (novel) – Wikipedia

Chaka’s brother was one of those who sought to find Haven and never mcdevtit. Well, except for one guy. He had to have known full well that something as tantalizing as the book could very well launch a second expedition, and he knew full well how dangerous it would be, but left mcdeevitt instructions and told no one. Mankind was decimated in almost three centuries ago and most technology was lost and books are rare.


I got the impression that McDevitt meant for something greater for the ending, but either ran out of time or ideas, because the characters arrive at their destination, find nothing left behind by super advanced, late 21st century humanity but a bunch of books hand written and bound in cabinets.

After his team all died except him, he had a big stack of priceless, irreplaceable books that had previously been lost I mean, it was good, and it was fun. This is really good read.

Eternity Road

So a handful of people, determined to find answers once and for all, mount a second expedition. As I’ve said about other books notably many of those by Ph Well we have a sort of “here we go again” in this one.

Sep 17, Jay rated it liked it Shelves: Dec 09, Spurnlad rated it it was amazing. At the turn of the last century the majority of eternty occurred in rural, thinly populated farming communities where people worked long, hard days and had little time for reading. But in etetnity of caring about the characters, their stories, or their lives, I just could not get that involved in them. Along the way she meets ancient Roadmaker machines that still operate.

A fine look at a post-apocalyptic world, a century or so removed from current time. This sets her on the path to find out what really happened to her brother, and why for ten years after returning to Illyria alone, Karik never mentioned the existence of the priceless book to anyone. As Mike notes, the expedition takes awhile to get underway, and into the wilderness. They don’t have any use for our buildings either. Yes, they killed a sentient AI who remembered the people they were trying to understand.

There is also a part where they find an old Planetary Society building with a computer that was still analyzing data from the Hubble Telescopes that remain operational.

Especially when McDevitt describes the many ruins of the ancient Roadmakers civilization, or when the band leaves the Crooked Man, a tavern at the edge of civilization, or when they try to cross the Wabash River. Novels by Jack McDevitt. It is a story where death comes in logical, but surprising ways.


Books are very rare. They make a lot of discoveries, and it’s very clear how little they understand of much of what they find. When people are forced to live off the land, to farm and scrounge and work long days simply to survive then literacy, schools, and books will take a back seat.

A bit of romance, but not overpowering. I am totally hooked on well-written post-apocalyptic fantasies that reflect broken and collapsed civilizations. I’ve been trying to figure out just what it was about this book that left me wanting and it boils down to there being a severe lack of characters in this book. The romance, if you can call it that, was dry and forced and a complete waste of words.

The simple fact is that Jack McDevitt is a very skilled and talented writer and should not be overlooked. Mar 19, Werner rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Your reaction might vary; but if the flaw s and characteristics I’ve noted above aren’t off-putting, I’d suggest giving it a try! After losing several members of their team and traveling by an extraordinary means of transport that still functions after hundreds of years, the team eventually finds Haven and salvages some of the knowledge stored there before the facility is struck by a disaster that they themselves cause.

But if he did why would he keep silent all those years? McDevitt is an artisan who builds the texture of the story by placing one brick carefully upon another. In a post-apocalypse North America where almost everyone was killed by a plague over 1, years prior, little is known about the ancient “Roadmaker” civilization that is said to have built the devastated ruins of enormous cities, and the magnificent roads that still cover the landscape.