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European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers investigates the economic, financial, technical and marketing issues of the European corrugated. This is the world’s most widely used box construction, also known as Fefco Actually this is the standard packaging box. Available in many length, width. Regular RSC boxes, boîtes régulières, boîtes sur mesure, custom boxes, custom printed, boîte carton, feuille de carton, cardboard sheets, boites sur mesure.

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They are often used for courier deliveries of individual cardboard point of sale items. The box style is another style which can be easily adapted by our fecco department to make a shelf-ready transit box. Even as a pallet box. We can manufacture boxes from white or brown corrugated cardboard — and we can print directly to the defco. For example, the boxes can be turned into tear-off retail shelf-ready transit boxes with the addition of perforations on some or all sides of the box.

They are often used to line the base of a pallet, or to cover the top of a pallet, helping to protect the products and keep the integrity of the palletised stack while it is being moved.

Would you like to find out more about the FEFCO cartons and packaging that could benefit your business? FEFCO Popular presentation style box Add telescopic lid for presentation box or separate header for countertop display Supplied flat, locks and tabs are integrated for self-assembly boxes are similar to boxes, except the over folded edge is on the length of the box rather than the width.

Dimension are always given in the order length x breadth x height. These have been split into the various categories as proposed by FEFCO, and are listed in numerical order. Our design team can add a separate header to a box to turn it into a simple, economy point of defco display. Widely used for their strength, durability, lightness, recyclability, and cost-effectiveness, corrugated boxes and packaging manufactured by GWP are used in an extensive fegco of industries. Several case types may have derived versions without the necessity to create a new style.

This has multiple benefits — the overlapping results in a stronger box and your contents are less likely to be damaged when the box is opened with a knife.


Regular RSC boxes – FEFCO

FEFCO Popular presentation style box or postal box Similar to but without side flaps Supplied flat, locks and tabs are integrated for self-assembly boxes are often used as mailing boxes, but also as retail packaging and for bulk storage of small and heavy items, due to their strength and the integrated locks.

WH Skinner uses the very powerful Kasemake CAD software for designing our packaging and boxes which are all created bespoke to your individual requirements. We manufacture boxes from white or brown corrugated cardboard, in board thicknesses ranging from 1.

Box size Box dimensions are always designated in millimetres ffeco and it is the fedco measurements that are calculated. Depending on what is being packed, the box style can make assembly time quicker and easier in some cases.

FEFCO Simple, economic wrap style to provide basic protection for palletised goods Place underneath goods on the pallet to form the base of a pallet wrap Supplied flat, use glue or tape to seal at time of use boxes are very similar to the style. Slide-type boxes consist of several pieces of liners and sleeves sliding in different directions into each other.

These methods of closure are either already performed on the box or may require closure during assembly, for example adhesive taping.

Regular RSC boxes

We manufacture boxes in various different cardboard thicknesses from 1. The code may feco be used for orders and specifications of shipping packages. This box style is generally used for packing only, and so they fwfco produced from brown coloured corrugated cardboard and are usually unprinted.

This not only adds a lot of strength the box, it also looks more pleasing, as there are no exposed corrugations visible. Some styles may have a Manufacturers Joint which may be glued, stitched or taped. This group also includes outside sleeves for other cases. For medium to long production runs of boxes, tooling is not required as we can process this style on our slot cutter, and printing fefci even done simultaneously which really keep costs down.

This is the world’s most widely used box construction, also known as Fefco The box is a very economical style. To find out more, please read our privacy policy and cookie policy. Recycled paper Schrenz paper grey Half pulp The paper for the inner or outer sheet usually consists of: Correct and effective closure of the packages is as important as the packaging construction itself.


The drawing style layouts as shown in this Code may need to be re-arranged depending on the Manufacturers Joint chosen. Our designers can add a separate header to a box to turn it into a simple, economic point of sale display. The sides of FEFCO boxes can be angled, to give more height and therefore support towards the back of your retail tray, whilst keeping the front more visible. Hand holes can be cut into the boxes to assist with lifting and carrying heavy items.

Besides this, GWP Packaging can also enhance your packaging in a number f ways. The rolls of paper used weigh 2, to 3,kg.

Packing Carton

Call or mail for the current stock box, new and used! We can make various modifications to these boxes to make them work better for your specific requirements. FEFCO Popular retail style box Supplied flat with a glued manufacturers joint Add a locking tab to the lid and base to prevent having to glue or tape boxes are commonly found on shop shelves around the world.

FEFCO boxes are also very popular for giveaways at tradeshows and exhibitions. The box style is perfect for shipping shallow or fefxo items which are heavier or need extra protection. They are shipped flat, ready to use and require closing using the flaps provided.

FEFCO meaning and background. Check out all Fefco codes for box constructions.

FEFCO box type – FEFCO Code MAZUS

Some manually erected cases can be closed automatically e. This category also includes outside sleeves for other boxes. Alternatively, scroll down for some inspiration, but bear in mind most designs can be modified and customised to accommodate your products and requirements!

Locking tabs and handles can be incorporated in some designs. FEFCO codes are an official system to replace long and complicated verbal descriptions of box and packaging constructions with effco codes that are internationally understood.

The length x breadth always defines the bottom or the opening at the top.