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A Felicidade by Roland Dyens tab with free online tab player. One accurate version. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal. Famous song composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim aranged for classical guitar by Roland Dyens and performed in the Maud Moon Weyerhaeuser studio in Saint. Felicidade (arr. R. Dyens for guitar). By Roland Dyens, Antônio Carlos Jobim, Jason Vieaux. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Felicidade (arr. R. Dyens for.

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Look forward to hearing what you do with it! The nine arrangements that make up this edition, all written at very different times, are extremely varied. The intention of the song is lost in the pyrotechnics Score Number of pages: After several years of uncertainty, while we waited for permission to be granted by the various publishers of the original works, this edition has finally made it, much to the satisfaction of the numerous guitarists who have been awaiting its publication.

As far as my memory serves me, none of my work has ever led to such a demand forgive me for mentioning this detail. Dyens does swing here pretty good here felicjdade

Discussions relating to the classical guitar which don’t fit elsewhere. BTW, despite being a lovely arrangement, Dyens metronome mark is simply way too fast and may be contributing to the dyenx by CG players of the nature of the piece.

More by Roland Dyens

The uptempo Dyens arrangement works for me. Born on the 19h of Octoberthe French performer, composer, arranger and improviser Roland Dyens began to study the guitar when he was nine years old. Thanks for the reference to that website, Ray!

Classical Guitar Skip to content. Just my 2 cents. Hey David – no, I rather like the Dyens arrangement and if it’s played with lightness of touch, a slower tempo and most importantly the Brazilian ‘swing’, then I think the arrangement can capture the spirit. Compare, say, Jason Vieaux’s interpretation with this version: It is a very bittersweet song, really, and it should not sound fleicidade “let’s party!


And I wouldn’t mind a go myself It is worth recalling the lyrics of the song, after all, which speak to the evanescence of happiness in our lives in the lives of the working poor especially, who scratch all year to provide themselves with a moment’s bliss during Carnival, which passes quickly and fades away forever.

The Brazilian groove is essential here and the big players don’t appear to get it.

I like the brilliant arrangement by Dyens as music. Is there a score out there? That video was one I turned to and it’s great isn’t it? Do you think it ‘Swings’ too? Of course one is entitled to interpret as one sees fit. Which makes me wonder whether a felicidadd tempo mark would improve that with this particular arrangement.

Roland dyens-felicidade | onder ozudogru –

Board index All times are UTC. Would it perhaps be a foretaste of music of the new generation? What do you think, as you’re working with the piece? But it’s still very fast. My account My cart 0 Shops fr en. Catalog Composers Felicidace About. To me, the only question to answer is this: It has been transfigured into something else entirely.

Ray Thanks for the interesting post. But, for me, it is no longer A Felicidade. There is, of course, the Bellinati arrangement which I think comes closer to probing the real heart of this music ydens, somehow, not quite!

It also seems that CG players don’t listen much to music, they just hear another CG player in a piece and pick it up from there.


Is there’s no guarantee we dgens swing -if we played it rhythmically perfect like in the score? Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. Hope you’re doing well.

Last edited by Ray on Thu Aug 20, 8: Frankly, I don’t understand the real ‘swing’ feel. Personally, I don’t like this played too fast. His fountain pen made me ashamed of my writing brushes and Chinese writing paper’ – Puyi ‘I don’t write music to be difficult, only to be more like itself’ – Harrison Birtwistle. It is played really well by Vieaux and othersbut it doesn’t capture the groove—as you say, it’s the “gentle, rhythmic and wonderfully relaxed” pocket of the groove that I think is missing.

As a big fan of bossa I agree they play it too fast, and what Polifemo said Why don’t they just listen to Jobim and play in felicivade spirit intended? Or, for that matter, a fast song at a slower tempo. Forum guitare classique – Forum chitarra classica – Foro guitarra clasica – Free sheet music for classical guitar – Delcamp. I suspect this may be the case – fortunately for us.

This album is a homage to felcidade blend of styles.

Editions Henry Lemoine | Catalogue

And so so different from the CG manner of approaching the music. Jazz rubs shoulders with classical music which in its turn, and without any undue navel-gazing, happily cohabits with a tango from the Argentine suburbs, and even a nylon-stockinged valse-musette.

He’s played it fast too like Dyens.