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FMM Directory of Malaysian Industries The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) is pleased to announce the release of its 44th edition of the . Special Package. Top up RM (Normal Rate RM2,) for additional Full Page advertisement in. Business In Action (Bi-monthly newsletter of. Federation of. FMM Members. • Major Bookstores in Malaysia. • Business Institutions and. Trade Organisations. • Ministries, Government. Departments and Agencies. • Foreign.

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In this study, 3 responses are unusable. Mid-Term Review of the 11th Malaysian Plan with 4. The main issue in post data collection is treatment of missing data.

New FTAs are being negotiated with other countries as well. Apart from ensuring the instrument or questionnaire follows all the best practices recommended in research methodology literature, selecting the right approach suitable for the targeted respondents is crucial too. Help Center Find new research papers in: The above prices are for sales of directories over the counter. Published annually since Please enter a valid email address.

For further enquiries, please contact Ms Florance S.

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Distribution of questionnaire No. Please enter your password. Without dash, space Please enter a valid area code. This paper attempts to highlight challenging issues before, during and after data collection in more detail and to share lessons learned at every stage. Please enter your phone number. Skip to diretcory content.

Please enter your company. The ICT Solutions offered by the companies are as follows: This study uses a probability directlry design of disproportionate stratified random sampling.

FMM Eastern Branch

The pre-data collection stage consists of determining the population or sampling frame, selecting appropriate sampling design and sample size. The insights are based on one particular study and are not claimed as being conclusive. Overall, responses were collected registering a response rate of The section on Human Resource and Industrial Relations will provide some guidance on how to handle and manage problems relating to wages, annual leave termination of employment, etc.


Each survey packet consisted of a post-paid self-addressed envelope. One respondent agreed to redo the questionnaire through email but never did. The tracking feature enables reminders to be sent to only those who did not respond, calculation of response rate, easy management on mailing list, amongst some of the useful features.

Determining appropriate sample size in survey research appropriate sample size in survey research,” Information Technology, Learning, and Performance journal, Vol.

Finally, treatment of missing data is issue highlighted in post data collection. Exporting to Indonesia Venue: Pre-data collection issues include determining population or sampling frame, sampling design and identifying targeted respondents.

Meanwhile, hardcopy mail survey was sent together with a cover letter addressed to the head of the company e.

Re-energising the private sector to drive growth Developing a quality workforce and reducing dependency on foreign labour Creating a competitive domestic economy Strengthening the public sector Transparent and market-friendly affirmative action Building the knowledge base and infrastructure Enhancing the sources of growth Ensuring sustainability of growth FMM at its Council Meeting on March 31, issued a press statement, which was subsequently reinforced and expanded into a full submission to the NEAC on May 17, Sampling design and sample size are common topics that can be found in research methodology textbooks, hence they are not discussed here.

A total of questionnaires were sent according to Table 1. ICT Solutions for Companies. For information to purchase the FMM Directory, please click here.

The email invitation includes a legitimate link to the profile of the sender so as to assure the targeted respondents that it is not a spam or hoax. Only 55 out of 92 respondents that have started the survey completed it.

  24C16 SOT23-5 PDF

None of the agencies could claim that their directory is the most exhaustive and up to date. Amongst the benefits are: Numerous attempts to get the details from the Department of Statistics failed. The above rates apply to sales over the counter. It can be observed that personal interview yields the best response rate malzysian the downside is that career fairs or directoty fairs are rare events.

The first section consists of 34 items on QM practices using 7 point Likert scale. With the low response rate in Malaysian organizational research, every dircetory counts. Hence, 3 responses have to be discarded, 6 blank items replaced with mean value of the item and note taken on the 2 unengaged responses, temporary remain as usable data until further analysis.

This paid online survey service enables personalized email dirdctory to the targeted respondent with a professional outlook form. Almost all the respondents in this study did not return direcgory questionnaires even though they were given post-paid return-envelopes and had verbally agreed to do so. The quality of information in FMM directory is the best, as this juncture.

For further enquiries, please contact Ms FloranceS. Please enter a valid country code. Some researchers may criticize the use of oversampling Bartlett et al.

Every researcher hopes for a high response rate through various techniques of data collection. The different classification systems from each agency pose a great challenge. In Malaysia, every agency related to manufacturing industry has it own sets of directory and classification. Furthermore, data collection stage is where most money and time 2104 invested throughout the full duration of a typical empirical study.

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