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Uniform Title, Fontamara. English. Description, London: Dent, xii, p. ; 23 cm. ISBN, (paperback) Series. EF. Notes. Fontamara by Ignazio Silone; 43 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Readers, Cover of: Fontamara | Ignazio Silone in English. Fontamara: Ignazio Silone: Silone produced his first novel, Fontamara, which was published in Zürich (; Eng. trans., ). It is a realistic and.

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But townsmen are well off and cafoni are badly off. But they had done it in the name of the law and in the presence of an inspector of police, and that was incomprehensible We will contact you if necessary. From the way the author fontamata him, we see that people from the city were very different from the cafoni and for this they were despised.

Silone: Fontamara | The Modern Novel

Jesus had in His hand a piece of real white bread and was saying “This white bread is My body”. He sells his land, buys his ticket and then learns that there is a new law forbidding emigration and he is stuck in Fontamara. In other words Enlgish goes to he who has sufficient capital. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. He always favours the powerful and uses his sermons to blame the villagers for not paying taxes.

Un amore religioco per la giustixia. Centro Studi Ignazio Silone.

They say of him In the end we all love Berardo. I talked to cafoni of all nationalities from Spaniards to Indians, and we understood each other as if we were at Fontamara. She is the one who manages the affairs of the cafoni. They then cross the border with the help of the Solito Sconosciuto. In fact, the older villagers in Fontamara say that the only things the Piemontesi people from Piedmont fontamada with the Italian Unificationwas electric lighting and cigarettes.


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The Fontamaresi say The law of Moses says “Thou Shalt not Steal” and The militia had come to Fontamara and violated a number of women — an abominable outrage, though in itself not incomprehensible.

The post-unification governments could not help the hunger of the peasants.

His character seems similar to that of his father, always trying to find work but he is duped by the police into saying that Berardo was suicidal, therefore releasing them from the blame of killing him.

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Fontamara | work by Silone |

The Fontamaresi do not speak Italian, but speak their own dialect and find it difficult to understand people fontakara come from the city. He approached, talking animatedly with some of the workers, he was in his work clothes, with his jacket over his arm, a water level in one hand, a folding ruler protruding from his trouser pocket, shoes whitened with lime.

So i appeal to you to give me your signatures. Berardo picks Elvira up in his arms, takes her home and spends the night with her. The themes embrace politics and religion, revolution and mysticism. Collection delivery service resumes on Wednesday 2 January He had a delicate, shaven face, a dainty enlgish mouth, like a cat. He was a communist untillater referring to himself as a ‘Socialist without a party and a Christian without a church.

To learn more about how to request neglish watch this short online video. Spirit Becomes Matter Henry Staten. The author describes how he cheats the villagers.

The Modern Novel

New search User lists Site feedback Ask a librarian Help. It was written in and was well-known in translation engoish it could be published in Italy. He places another sheet on the top of the pile which says The undersigned, in support of the above, supply their signatures spontaneously, voluntarily and with enthusiasm for cav.


Of course, they are the ones to lose. Eglish is interesting that the story of San Giuseppe da Copertino, told by don Abbachio, a story they had heard many times before, shows they think Jesus has a different attitude to rich and poor. He is a friend to all and only fights with his brother-in-law over the water. In front of everyone, Don Abbacchio stands up, fat, and puffing, the veins egnlish his neck swollen, his face flushed, his eyes half-closed in a blissful expression. Silone tells an excellent story of the downtrodden.

He also buys Berardo’s piece of land at a very low price when Berardo is hoping to go to America, even though he knows that the emigration laws have come into effect and knows that Berardo will not in fact be able to emigrate.

Published by Manchester University Press. Although Berardo is innocent, he decides to sacrifice himself and tell the police that he is the Solito Sconosciuto in order to allow the true Solito Sconosciuto to continue his propaganda.

There is a curfew for the Fontamaresi, which severely disadvantages them because they need to be up early to work in the fields, and he puts up a sign forbidding talk of politics in public places. This was a device of his mistress Donna Clorinda that enabled her to keep an eye on every detail of his affairs. She often says””When strange things begin to happen, no one can stop them.