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by Fritz Leiber. Preface by Eric Flint. My reaction when I first read this story, somewhere around the age of fifteen, was perhaps bizarre. “A Pail of Air”is a story. My first encounter with Fritz Leiber’s short story “A Pail of Air” was in March via the X Minus One radio show. At the time, I could still not read or write and. Given such a setting, the story is naturally dedicated to Fritz Leiber and his famous “A Pail of Air.” I remember reading that story as a child.

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Retrieved from ” https: You can just see their heads peeking out, close together. I don’t know what it says I read the short story A Pail of Air in a few minutes while waiting for a lecture to start. Ma raised a howl at the idea of being left alone, and Sis joined in, too, but Pa quieted them. Jul 20, Claudia rated it it was ok. It seemed to me lejber the inmost blanket trembled and bulged a little.

As for liquid oxygen, all you had to do was vritz out and shovel the air blanket at the top level. The original is so much more beautiful, stirring, and inventive. And somehow, the flimsy blankets kept the oxygen from escaping the room.

My only previous exposure to Fritz Leiber was his enjoyable and highly experimental Hugo-winning novel The Big Time — an unusual story evoking a one-act play whose characters are soldiers recruited from all eras of history relaxing in between missions during a vast temporal war. The frozen folk with minds from the dark star behind their unwinking eyes, creeping, crawling, snuffing their way, following the heat to the Nest.


A Pail of Air by Fritz Leiber

That roused Ma and she joined in picking on me. Notify me of new posts via email.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The blankets keep it from escaping too fast. Mars is a vast nuclear war zone filled with wastelands and machines of deaths and desperate hateful men engaged in endless struggle….

Well written, suspense, insight. He looked all around quite a while after filling his pail, and just as we were going inside he whipped around without warning, as if to take some peeping thing off guard.

Great review, Joachim — Fritz is also one of my favorite authors.

Book Review: A Pail of Air, Fritz Leiber () | Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations

Unfortunately, he drops it behind the tub and it dies before he can rescue it. I’d just about scooped it full and most frits the warmth had leaked from my fingers when I saw the thing. I looked around at the blanket walls and the fire and the pails of air boiling away and Ma and Sis sleeping in the warmth and the flickering light.

Back Next Contents Framed. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. That’s our worst trip and Pa won’t let me make it alone. After a rogue planet, or black hole, or something, pulls earth out of its orbit, it freezes. Thanks for telling us about the problem. You see, when the Earth got cold, all the water in the air froze first and made a blanket aor feet thick or so everywhere, and then down on top of that dropped the crystals of frozen air, making another white blanket sixty or seventy feet thick maybe.


In fact, there was so much talking and excitement that Pa forgot about things, and it wasn’t until they were all getting groggy that he looked and found the air had all boiled away in the pail.

Only read the short story of this title via Project Gutenberg. Pa heard the last radio voices fade away years ago, and had seen some of the last folks die who weren’t as lucky or leibet as us. It speaks of a sun who stopped shining Some taller buildings push up out of the feathery plain, topped by rounded caps of air crystals, like the fur hood Ma wears, only whiter.

He says paail was mostly too busy to notice.

A Pail of Air

You are commenting using your Twitter account. More fiction than science, this sci-fi short story sets up a mood more than a plausible reality, and a part of me wondered about whether friyz would actually play out the way Mr Leiber claims, but suspension of belief is central to reading any fictional account, so I gave him his due.

Lekber 12, Frank Rosenblat rated it it was amazing. And there was a bright light somewhere behind it. They even generated electric light and grew plants and animals by it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Science fiction short story.