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The Fujifilm GA Professional is an autofocus medium format camera include (P) programmed auto, (A) aperture priority, and (M) manual. U FUJIFILM. GA/ GAW. Professional. ลาว. Professional. TO E. m m. ( GA Professional. OWNER’S MANUAL. BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG. Hi there, Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the service manual for the GAzi? Butkus only has the Use Manual and I would quite.

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An accessory flash GA Bracket was also available. This does not require matching the backing paper start mark to a body indicator for first frame loading.

Just visible is the gray colored MF button located under the lens. Reading from left to right, or top down herefujifikm date readsor the 20th of February Working with this camera is a breeze. Dimensions ; my measurements; 6. I like the Fuji GA, it provides substantially more resolution than format cameras, which will show up when making large prints, or looking at your images on a 5k screen.

Click pictures for larger versions. Snap up a roll now!

GAzi Service Manual | Fuji GA | Flickr

A electronic self-timer is available with a delay of 10 seconds. The camera is powered by 2x CRA battery located on the base of the mwnual.


It has additional information including aperture, shutter speed, focus distance m or ftas well as exposure meter information. This page has been accessed 15, times.

Manual for Fuji GA | Photography Forums

The next dial is for selecting either ISO, Program mode, aperture priority, and full manual operation. Depending on what you like to shoot, you should make your choice. Distance is the same as a torso shot of people. The extreme sides are as sharp as the centers; I see no diffraction softening yet. Exposure and date time information can be imprinted on the film outside the photo area. A tripod was used, but no filters.

Close the back and the camera detects the first frame. Learn more about it in this installment of Lomopedia.

It is succeeded by the Fujifilm GAireleased in Personal tools Log in. Weight ; my measurements ready to shoot; camera with hood and batteries, Focal length ; 60mm.

It includes a grip mounted to the base of the camera, flash bracket and hot shoe adapter for sync cable.

The newest version GAZi has a lens cap warning beeper.


Fujifilj EOS 5 Here the image softens very slightly due to diffraction. This an averaged number and updates every frames or so. Privacy policy About Camera-wiki.

Thanks for showing me another camera to add to my never ending wish list, ha. Depth of field is pretty substantial with this lens given a little distance.

Sigma DP1 Fujichrome Velvia 50 film Both prime lens models of the GA series. Javascript appears to be disabled in your browser. Press the data button to change the imprint data format. Fit and finish are very good. On top we have a hot-shoe in the middle, and LCD panel on the right showing ISO, shutter speed, film type, shot number, aperture, focusing distance, AF or MF, flash ready, battery indicator, and other data.

FUJIFILM GA645 Professional

The distance unit can be switched between meter and feet. Flash ; built-in pop-up type, guide number of 12 at ISOnot user adjustable in power.

The shoe can support up to 0.