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FATHER GABRIELE AMORTH. An Exorcist Tells His Story. Translated by Nicoletta V. MacKenzie. IGNATIUS PRESS SAN FRANCISCO. Title of the Italian . An Exorcist Tells His Story has ratings and 97 reviews. Anna said: This book is NOT:1) a collection of horror stories. If you want such stories. The Reverend Gabriele Amorth, SSP (1 May – 16 September ) was an Italian Amorth wrote two memoirs of his time as an exorcist, An Exorcist Tells His Story and An Exorcist: More Stories. An Exorcist Tells his Story (translated by Nicoletta V. Mackenzie, ; ISBN ); Gospel of Mary: A Month .

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More than any pop-culture movie or pulp-novel. Johnson No preview available – He is bitterly upset with the unwillingness of priests and especially bishops to acknowledge the reality of spiritual oppression and to encourage the stroy of exorcism.

An Exorcist Tells His Story – Gabriele Amorth – Google Books

Gabriele Amoroth speaks tekls the importance of this ministry and the lack of minsters in the dioceses. Views Read Edit View history. Most people believe that these too are purely psychological. For example, when I view the tlls of the Roman Empire, I can see the moral disintegration of that period in history. He also reminds the general public of the reality of this problem, and how one may become subject to demonic influences.


He mainly writes this book, because he believes that possessions do exist and the practice of exorcism is now seen as something of old amorfh outdated; since science has now associated some symptoms that might be confused as possession, as some mental disorder that can be cured with therapy and medication.

An Exorcist Tells His Story

Father Amorth does a great job of showing how Christ is far more powerful than any evil but at the same time that evil is real and not to be taken lightly. The rest of the book was good. He might tell you.

This book also shows you how to avoid being taken in possession by them. Trivia About An Exorcist Tells There’s a fine line between careful and paranoid and the author has crossed it in my opinion.

I thought I would be frightened by reading this book. But trlls was worth reading. There are many protestants who also act as exorcists, and people around the globe have gabriwle demonic possession, oppression or obsession, without regard to their religion or culture.

If you’re expecting a freak show, you’ll be disappointed; 2 a recollection of an exorcist’s day-to-day life. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want exofcist read.

Given the hierarchical nature of the Church, this seemed pretty brave, and I respect that. We know today that this is just mental illness.

Gabriele Amorth

What Were the Crusades? However, none of this indicates that asking him is a useless exercise.


Most people will scoff when I tell them that there is such a thing as demonic possession. So, while I have trouble comprehending this evil, the evidence is clear throughout history, particularly the 20th century which saw the deaths of million or more at the hands of atheistic regimes.

Gabriele Amorth – Wikipedia

It was a horrible feeling. The vision actually took place on October 13,when the Pope had a vision of God speaking with Satan. He talks about angels and demons, but doesn’t give much of his own background.

Ignatius PressJan 1, – Religion – pages. I was expecting more war stories; the ones the author offers are intriguing, but I was surprised — pleasantly so — by two of his take-home points. Amorth claims that girls were recruited at the Vatican for parties and added that the death of Emanuela Orlandi “was a crime with a sexual motive.

My main concern with the book is how unquestioningly judgmental it is of lifestyles of which Amorth didn’t approve, and also of other religions. He performed hiss to do so. I learned a lot from this book.