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View the profiles of people named Gebru Asrat. Join Facebook to connect with Gebru Asrat and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. Gebru Asrat. + Add or change photo on IMDbPro». Contribute to IMDb. Add a bio , trivia, and more. Update information for Gebru Asrat». prevail, and above all democracy would be the norm of Ethiopian society. Contrary to these assertions, Gebru. Asrat (hereafter referred to as Gebru), in his book.

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In conclusion, the author gives to policy makers six possible suggestions so that they might mend the situation in Ethiopia.

I think it has noticed that it could no more claim gains in the political aspect such as democracy, freedom or justice since its geru record is an utter failure in all these aspects. But, if I may ask, even from the time when you were in the party, the four parties in the EPRDF were accused of gebrj their own economically empowered support base which resulted in the current severe disparity in wealth distribution in the country.

I am sure, during the ten years, Ethiopia would have reformed its archaic system in order to entice Eritrea to be part it. But, for sure, there is not official party slogan to this effect; in fact, gsbru the party level the narrative would be that the party will be fighting rent-seeking.

Gebru Asrat

In reviewing this book, the principal criteria included, purpose, content, organization, and reference sources. Do you have the opportunity to meet and hold political discussions with them? In this regard, it might miss its intention. I think you asat to note two points. Retrieved from ” https: Practically, government and party have no distinct separation of power in Ethiopia.

Sovereignty and Democracy in Ethiopia: A Reflection on Gebru Asrat’s Book

The current dual schooling system in Ethiopia is challenging and highly disturbing. Your right to know!. Pictures show African migrants at a rescue camp gegru Greece. Awrat see that from what they have been doing and saying. Given his radical thinking, I cannot imagine that Gebru would think that those nations that contributed to the balkanization of Africa or who are restlessly involved in destabilizing the African continent are going to indulge in good conscience by helping Ethiopia to have sovereignty over the Red Sea?


I agree with Gebru that federating Eritrea with Ethiopia in was a miscalculation by the United Nations.

Gebru Asrat – Wikipedia

According axrat our TPLF central committee member and governor of the number one Kilil, there are two issues that are facing our country at the moment. As you know, 12 of us had left the party during the fateful split. No Country Left for Ethiopians?

We still have 20 of our members imprisoned, including farmers. Do you think the party would concentrate on taking measures than solving the problems? Finally, I see a pattern in this attempt by qsrat to engrain themselves to the victims by pretending to be reasonable and impartial. One would think anyone that wants his book to be read by many would approach ESAT.

To justify his point, Gebru argues that in Emperor Menelik of Ethiopia had an agreement with Italy that Italy would return Eritrea to Ethiopia when it left.

The lack of a sea port and the unsettled issue of Eritrea. A Minnow Political Merchant. This provision, in my febru, is just a cover-up to address pressure coming from outside. As much as there are some unnecessary questions advanced by the demonstrators, most of the questions are basic and fair. Kinijit leaders suffered two years in Kaliti, and upon their humiliating release some were told to leave if they valued their life.

Gebru Asrat – IMDb

I was present in California where Medrek leaders were touring the US. If you have noticed, the party has stopped citing progress in the political arena to justify its rule of the country. It was not only highly skilled in military operations but was visionary. Previously, the Amhara elites did not raise the issue of ethnicity; however, now some sections of the Amharas are also raising this question. Your right to know!


After all, the long-time strongman of the party, Meles Zenawi, passed away and the party did not prepare someone to fill the shoes of its leader. The author was kind enough to entertain constructive criticisms on the six chapters of his book. The cornerstone of a democratic federal polity is based on diversity.

If you look at the whole EPRDF structure, you can see some of them say that the problem is caused by extremists, narrow-nationalists or chauvinists or some say it is the involvement of the foreign forces adrat the political life of the country. Hence, if the federal arrangement is implemented without democracy the end result will asat chaos and war. Here we have to look at the cause of this issue carefully the cause was not about resource or land grabbing.

If you look at the cases of both the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia and other countries, disintegration occurred not because the system follows ethnic lines; it is rather due to the undemocratic and dictatorial nature of the regimes and leaderships.

After carefully studying and reflecting on the history of Ethiopia, the author, Gebru, has come to the point of discarding what he was socialized to master by the ideologies of the TPLF. So, this has weakened the party tactically and resulted in being overrun by corruption and maladministration.