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Gerda Weissmann Klein. Gerda’s maturation takes place gradually throughout All But My Life, under the shadow of the Nazi regime. At the beginning of her. The All But My Life Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter Gerda Weissmann is a fifteen-year old girl who lives with her . The girls are taken to a hospital and it is there where Gerda meets Kurt Klein who asks her to. are thought to be impatient with all things foreign or uncool sat there in rapt attention, already transformed by her book, All But My. Life (Gerda Weissmann Klein.

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When my stomach was empty, I carefully washed the liff. This is my all time favorite book because what it did for me during a very difficult time in my life.

All But My Life: A Memoir – Gerda Weissmann Klein – Google Books

In Heaven, it met with the other prayer that had asked geda just the contrary. And yet, as with so many other stories of Holocaust survival, I couldn’t get past just gedra much all of those who lived relied on luck – some chance happening or favorable aligning of the stars that meant living just one more day.

At times it is difficult to put this book down, and other times it is difficult to pick back up. The circumstances of each story may be similar, but e “You are lucky mother.

Little Dancer Aged Fourteen. User Review – Flag as inappropriate All But My Life was hard to read at times because of Gerda’s terrible experiences, but I believe this is something everyone should know about. How does this type of horror happen? Thank you to the author and her husband for showing me what courage, nobility, compassion, determination, strength, and love look like. It is unlike all of the other Holocaust memoirs I have read, perhaps because it is the first in which a female survivor tells her story.

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Everything she loved, everything she knew was obliterated. And perhaps its greatest triumph is that it brings back to life and celebrates the humanity of every individual who was close to Gerda, especially her mother and father, her older brother and her closest companion in the camps, a girl called Ilse. They turned against each other in bloody battle, and usually both fell back lifeless to the earth. Part III of the book opens with Gerda’s weissmaann on 7 Mayone day before her twenty-first birthday.

We watched until the train was out of sight. Later she thought about her way of praying. Why did we walk deliberately and obediently into their clutches? Such a duel is all the fiercer if the adversaries share the same body.

In Januaryas liberation seems imminent, Gerda’s worst days begin. A fellow Jew, he left Germany for the U. One of my favorite quotes was: Soon even that hope is taken from them.

Here’s what sets Gerda’s story apart: Retrieved December 28, from Encyclopedia. I just can’t stomach how dark the human heart can be.

All But My Life: A Memoir

Because we had faith in humanity. When asked how she did it, she oftentimes could not explain. My library Help Advanced Book Gerva.

This one really spoke to me. Gerda had typhus and pneumonia shortly after that, and had sustained severe nerve damage to her feet.


In her memoir, Klein takes audiences on an alarming journey from the comforts of life in Poland to the horrifying concentration camps, reminding readers of the horrific destruction and prejudice during the twentieth century, while also providing a sense of hope for future generations. Jun 04, Jennifer rated it really liked it. Blood of the Liberals. This is one of my most favorite books. This shows that in order to not lose hope is to suffer so much and get back up to become a stronger and powerful person.

Kleiin am humbled by this woman’s optimism, courage and determination. Gerda was a teenager when the Germans invaded Poland. It’s probably not helpful to dwell on past injustices, since history is littered with monstrosities–not just German ones. Throughout the war Abek sacrifices himself by volunteering to go to the worst camp just to be near Gerda.

All but My Life |

Gerda as one of the victim was sent out of her own country. Gerda Weissmann Klein should be read by anyone interested in what kleln holocaust did to the Jews, especially weissmann young that were able to live through death camps and the death march AND to be able to write about it.

However I cannot fault the memoir as it is moving and insightful, Greda’s story is heartbreaking and yet uplifting, this is a book that will stray with me for a long time.