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Kettlebell Sport Biomechanics: Trajectory of elite kettlebell sport athletes all top level Girevoy (kettlebell) sport athletes perform some type of cross training. A Kettlebells article from Dragon Door Publications: Navigating Girevoy Sport Training by Lorraine Patten, RKC. Kettlebell lifting, in one form or another, has been part of strength training since ancient times. Weights with handles have been used.

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I make Saturday my max effort day, as Saturday is usually the day of any given competition. Carefully discover what that particular weakness is.

That was my max for a long time. I then take Sunday off and start out traininy bit higher than the previous Monday. This is just something to think about if you are in a similar situation. Item Added to Cart. When I’m at home I’ll use kettlebells and alternate heavy cleans, presses, front squats jerks, swings and get-ups intelligently.

Since it always changed I had to stay on top of it with proper assistance exercises. Volume Phase – I spend two months trying to increase my snatching volume.

This program is an example of a four-day training program that varies intensity and weight to create a wave pattern. Twenty people decided to give it a whirl and on May 15th, we did just that in a field in Virginia.

I chose a number that was too sporf and wound up doing snatches each and every workout. While working with him I discovered how to analyze my current weakness. The second month is more of the same but I add low rep girvoy with the 20 and 24 kgs. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Female athletes are able to make one hand switch during the ten-minute set in both long cycle, jerk and snatch sets.


Work patiently until you have overcome that weakness and you’ll find that it no longer exists but there will be ttaining in its place. In biathlon, you are required to do a ten-minute set of jerks and a secondary ten-minute set of trainihg.

Something will cause you to either stop or at least want to stop. More about the discrepancy later.

How To Program Your Training for Kettlebell Sport

Here is how my training is cycled now. He said he found this to be true as he spott bells during his stay in England prior to the German meet. I hit 80 reps in late New Years Sales Event: I then rest for however long I need and then proceed with my left side.

I hadn’t given it another thought until I did and 20 percent of is ! This movement is repeated, and the athlete is only allowed one hand switch during the entire ten-minute set.

Since my general endurance is good, I find that I will be able to put them together without much problem on the day of the competition. One thing I’ve found helpful is to only work on one hand at a time. You must analyze each set.


Girevoy Sport Science

The biathlon score is an accumulation of the number of jerks and the number of snatches traiing. I contacted my good friend Steve Cotter for his help in getting me off of this plateau. And four weeks later my 16kg kettlebell arrived.

So there you have it, a basic blueprint for navigating my GS training.

GS in Earnest – Four to six weeks max! To continuously lift pounds for ten-minute durations without putting them down requires a high level of strength and conditioning and mental toughness. Ken Whetham May 25, 8 minutes, 28 seconds.

How To Program Your Training for Kettlebell Sport / Elite FTS

For those you’ll have to look at folks like Jen Morey and Catherine Imes. Such hindsight always makes me feel silly. Trsining Terms Site Map. Your email is safe with us. The traditional sport consists of competing for ten-minute sets in two disciplines: He said, “get the damn thing over your head somehow trqining make sure you are stable in that position. That’s our gift to you, when you sign up today for Dragon Door’s essential newsletters: Outlaw Kettlebell Team, Arnolds. If you don’t have these traits GS is an ideal method to develop them.

My strength lies in perseverance, analytical thinking and observation.