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Life History of the Tailed Jay (Graphium agamemnon agamemnon) As with most Graphium species, the wings are produced at the forewing. Graphium agamemnon, also called Tailed Jay or Green-spotted Triangle Butterfly is a common butterfly from Australasia / Indomalaya ecozone (Australia). Graphium agamemnon, commonly called the Tailed Green Jay, is a common and beautiful species seen in most Indian towns and villages close to forest areas.

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These are nice photos of Graphium agamemnon Tailed Jay.

Indian graphimu global distribution: Butterflies of Kerala Commons: The margin is ridged. Antennae, head, thorax and abdomen black, thorax above and the abdomen on the sides streaked with greenish grey; beneath: You have documented this so well The butterfly is black with many green spots.

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After mating, males visit damp sand and gravel to obtain essential minerals to replace those lost during sperm transfer. Cilia very narrow, pale pink.

Graphium agamemnon

Please feel free to add comments, if you can identify these beautiful creatures: Reddish brown grsphium run laterally to the tip of the mesothoracic horn which is directed forwards. Papilio agamemnon decoratus Rothschild, Male wing color Odonata.


From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. There could be a number of reasons why the graphkum stops moving. Un-identified local host plant 1, commonly found in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. Two views of a fresh pupa. Citation attribution CS1 maint: Journal of Environmental Biology. The Brahmaputra Valley of Assam plains supports several protected areas for the conservation of Polyalthia longifoliaPolyalthia cerasoidesAnnona squamosaAnnona reticulataAnnona discolorAnnona muricataGoniothalamus cardiopetalusMitrephora heyneana [8] and Uvaria narum [9] of the family AnnonaceaeMichelia doltospaMichelia champacaMilliusa tomentosumCinnamomum spp.

I know nothing of butterflies, and was just thrilled to find one with its pupal case. There is no drastic change in appearance in the newly moulted 3rd instar caterpillar.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Complete fields in red above. Any information on infraranks like subspecies, varieties, and races.


Lepidoptera diversity of four sacred groves of Goa, India Desc: Two views of a 5th instar caterpillar, early in this stage, length: As with most Graphium species, the wings are produced at the forewing apex and hindwing tornus and the inner margin of the hindwing bends inwards.

Describes the likelihood of the species becoming extinct in the present day or in the near future. Views Read Edit View history. A male Tailed Jay puddling on a wet ground in the nature reserve. Search in all groups Search within this group.

: Graphium agamemnon (Tailed Jay, Green-spotted Triangle Butterfly)

The fully grown larva is green, fusiform and having small black spots. The butterfly diversity of four sacred groves in Goa, viz. Two views of a 3rd instar caterpillar, early in this stage, length: This page was last edited on 13 Octoberat Two views of a 3rd instar caterpillar, midway in this stage, length: If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp ayamemnon not fully reflect those of the original file. Agaemmnon simultaneously I got 3 eggs at my farm house on polyathilia longifolia tree.


Looking forward to reading about your documentation. Let me know if you’ve received it. The Indian Sundarbans, part of the globally famous deltaic eco-region, is little-studied for butter How in agamfmnon world did you get those?

Upperside green spots smaller, especially the discal series on the forewing. Floral attributes are well known to influence nectar feeding butterflies. The adults are often sighted visiting flowers such as ixora or lantana blossom.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Bill Length Birds cm. The forewings are black. Nomenclature and Classification Nomenclature and Classification.

Some of the Oriental species e. The males are particularly fond of nectaring from flowers such as LantanaIxoraMussaendaand Poinsettia.