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You might remember that a few month ago, a review of Justin Marks’ screenplay for the live action He-Man movie Grayskull: The Masters of the Universe was. GRAYSKULL: THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. Screenplay by. JUSTIN MARKS. Based on characters by Mattel. 5/23/ Silver Pictures. () . The folks over at Latino Review have always been the industry’s standard for reviewing the scripts for fanboy material. I remember them filleting.

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Posted on Tuesday, June 3rd, by Peter Sciretta. The new script seemed a bit depressing – no light relief – I wanted some Gwildor dialogue to crop up! I get that Adam needs to mature and get his understandable desire for payback out of his system. I have a problem with almost all of the Evil Warriors dying, and some other things, but on the whole this movie could have been decent. I think it’s terrible that they’re trying to profit from material they don’t own the rights to so you can view or download it from my website: Affiliate links grayksull when available.

Any movie we get nowadays will probably be in the same vein as Transformers 2 or G.

I mean, this is “GI Joe: BeeOtchNov 19, Its like Marks takes the time to give this big heroic moment for a wizard. I don’t know but it feels generic. Posted on Wednesday, September 23rd, by Peter Sciretta.

Looking for Justin Mark’s Grayskull script (He-Man live action film)

I was a bit iffy with the Earthy names. Read the full script review over on LatinoReview. Yes, my password is: Things happen too quickly in the beginning and you never really care about or like any of the main characters. Illumination Ink Zcript names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners.


Gen of the Order of the Web trains Chun-Li, promising her vengence if she can “let go of her anger”; Zodak graysmull the Elders trains Adam, promising him vengence if he can “let go of his anger. That, I think, should be retained in whatever script they end up using. I can only assume they had plans to expand her ggrayskull in the rewrites, because in this draft you might as well cut her out entirely.

We needed some snappy banter between Adam and Teela, or some good-natured kidding between Adam and Zodak or Adam and Duncan.

Why not have him pop it off just before he kills Randor, to show his brother exactly what his doom gryaskull Yes, he was a writer on that train wreck. Classic swashbuckler stuff, and fully consistent with his character.

A simple running thru with a sword or a laser blast would be plenty if these two have to die. Web design by Pro Blog Design.

Skeletor doesn’t seem like Skeletor though! The big climax and including the wizards is lame. The Legend of Chun-Li was, so obviously Marks learned from that experience. Hey, does anyone have or know where I could obtain a copy of the leaked Justin Marks script?

And being a He-Man fan, I had to see it for myself. This is not He-Man for kiddies! Subscribe To Our Mailing List. Oh, and Beast Man and Sorceress Zoar are both really underused. Just unmask him early and be done with it. I read most of it last night scrkpt not too bad graysiull but could be much better.


It’s so similar to SF: The citizens of Bangkok hide Chun-Li from the authorities; the citizens of Capital Acript hide Adam from the authorities.

Here’s what Latino Review had to say about the script I was asking about: Well Latino Review is now reporting that the project has fallen into development hell, and is likely dead.

Results 1 to 25 of We can only hope that Warners decides to put the project in turnaround. There weren’t many scfipt characters in it and seemed to be a lot of new ones.

Grayskull is “The Perfect Marriage of Sorcery and Science Fiction”

Originally Posted by Sky Breaker. But the execution is off, plain and simple. This isn’t a new script. This IS the movie we will get.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: I couldn’t get past more than 20 pages of that garbage. Its like Marks takes the time to give this big heroic moment for a wizard yet I could’ve given two craps about that wizard or what he was doing pages before. Then Trap Jaw gets decapitated at the end.