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Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Germany’s most highly decorated combat pilot, only Hans- Ulrich Rudel pulls his Junkers JuB Stuka out of a dive after. Hans Ulrich Rudel was a Stuka dive-bomber pilot during World War 2. The most highly decorated German serviceman of the war, Rudel was one of only The year-old Silesian pastor’s son, Ulrich Rudel began his pilot training for the German Luftwaffe in Rudel volunteered for the new.

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This time Rudel dove to within feet.

The Day That Stuka Pilot Hans Ulrich Rudel Sank The Soviet Battleship Marat

The brutality of his flights are detailed and the sheer magnitude of combat sorties is amazingly recounted. Pierre Clostermanna French fighter pilot, had befriended Rudel and wrote the foreword to the French edition of his book Stuka Pilot.

After six years of combat flying, completing over two thousand five hundred missions, Rudel had been shot down more than a dozen times. Interesting Perspective The book is very direct in regards to the accomplishments of the writer during his time in the Eastern front in WW2.

The marriage produced his third son, Christoph, born in His back-seater, Sergeant Erwin Hentschel, became the most successful gunner in the Luftwaffe, with more than 1, missions and several enemy aircraft to his credit.

Badass of the Week: Hans-Ulrich Rudel

On one occasion he destroyed seventeen Soviet tanks in a single day. No other German soldier has ever received it. Rudel finalized his escape by jumping in the damned Dnieper River and swimming yards through ice-cold water to safety, though the escape was so intense that of the four downed pilots he was the only member to return to base alive. ulrihc

While Rudel had been interned, his stkka fled from the advancing Red Army and had found refuge with Gadermann’s parents in Wuppertal. A Match of the Century and a Century Scandal]. A most readable account of Hans Rudel’s war experiences as a Stuka pilot and a senior Luftwaffe officer.


ulrkch Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Thanks to his strict regimen of running 6 miles every morning, he was able to elude capture and eventually returned through the lines to rejoin his outfit days later.

Braving a gauntlet of enemy fighters and ultra heavy AA, Rudel followed Steen into the another attack on September 22nd.

Rudel continued his relentless progress until, in Marchone of the other aircraft in a flight he was leading was forced to pilo behind enemy lines. He did the seemingly impossible, fly an antiquated dive bomber at low level against tanks, AAA, and fighters only emerge victorious against all odds every time.

Stuka Pilot

Want to Read saving…. His thousand pound bomb hit the deck which erupted in flames. The Marat would never go to sea again. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel and appointed commanding officer of SG.

After the blitzkrieg of France and the low-countries followed by the Luftwaffe’s failure to overcome the RAF in the Battle of Britain, Rudel served the remainder of the war on the Russian Front. Escaping death and dodging Russians like no other. The style is part of the exp Absolutely amazing account of the air war, mostly on the Eastern Front, from the Nazi perspective. Walter de Gruyter Saur.

Hans-Ulrich Rudel: Eagle of the Eastern Front | HistoryNet

Rudel momentarily blacked out, tugging at his stick. At the time of writing, bringing that kind of stuff up may not have been the best idea, so that maybe explains it. Sailors are running across the deck….

Inhe became a spokesman for the German People’s Uniona neo-Nazi political party founded by the extremist politician Gerhard Frey. Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Nazis on the Run: There he was welcomed by team manager Sepp Herberger. Four mourners were photographed giving Nazi salutes at the funeral, and were investigated under a law ulriich the display of Nazi symbols. Although deep in enemy territory, he refused to be taken prisoner.


Many of them think they are ylrich a ghost plane.

It was almost four full years and it’s all at the eastern fro This is a very good memoir of the leading German Stuka pilot and commander. If you are even slightly interested in WWII history this is a fudel read book! Now I press the bomb release switch on my stick and pull with all atuka strength. During a routine press event, journalists, who had been briefed by Schmidt, questioned Krupinski and his deputy Karl Heinz Franke about Rudel’s presence.

Limberg later confirmed Krupinski’s ulricg, and the meeting was held on Bundeswehr premises, a decision to which Schmidt still had not agreed. Rudel followed Hauptman Ernst Steen into the attack. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Rudel was born on 2 Julyin Konradswaldauin Prussia. In Argentina, he founded the ” Kameradenwerk ” lit. It gets a bit repetitive at times, but such was the nature of his existence.

They divorced in The Rudel Scandal subsequently triggered a military-tradition discussion, which the Federal Minister of Defense Hans Apel ended with the introduction of “Guidelines for Understanding and Cultivating Tradition” on uulrich September He flew over missions, sometimes as many as six in a day, and was credited with destroying over soviet tanks, hundreds of artillery pieces and hlrich vehic Another of Ballantine Books’ personal history war stories featuring the story of the Luftwaffe’s most decorated airman, Hans Ulrich Rudel.