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· · · · · · · · · The Hantarex Polo. (25″ model displayed). Resources: Manual: http://arcarc. % I won a golden tee golf machine off ebay for spares or repairs. The fault was no display so i guest.

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HANTAREX POLO 25 – UK-VAC : UK Video Arcade Collectors Forum – Page 1

No 1 has never had this? Underneath you can see that I had to patch about 7 traces. Flyback replacement old intelligence with Bob Roberts replacement flybacks: You might try hantarsx measure on the bottom pcb solderings. If so were can i get 1 in the UK with diagrams Or is it jsut the case of the monitor gun is dead and i just need to get a new monitor?

That’s just a standard Polo 1 25″ 15khz chassis, nothing fancy! The power supply section: K, K and 25″ K chassis.

Hantarex Polo 25 / 28 Arcade Monitor Cap Kit

West Sussex, United Kingdom Posts: I see no reason not to spend some hantraex more and get Nichicon ones for example instead of the LeLons I can get locally. Forum Permissions You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

Or should I go with something like the p test suite and find settings that look good to me? The following 90 degree method is an optional step, permitting you want the transistors to never move. R and to some extent, R is to do with the brightness control circuit and is a bit of a common fault to be honest.


Once you get it out though, it might be a good time to straighten the tabs with needlenose pliers. The lopt you need is a HR or Eldor Sometimes the tabs have bends in them, if you grab them with needlenose pliers like this it can flatten them out, and twist to straighten them.

Every donation is appreciated, big and small. The time now is The other small driving transformator being bad is a fault I never encountered. The cage should come right off then.

Its goda be a common thing a colour goin on a monitor?? Edited by tb – 19 Jan at 9: I did a continuity check on TH and it was the same as before.


hantsrex Daewoo RS series C 10uf v originally fitted: The first time you switch the machine on all is ok. Usually you find on Polo 2 chassis that if the lopt goes, the HOT horizontal output transistor blows, and some components on the auto switching pcb that sits vertically inside the psu case.

Resolution on a Hantarex Polo 33″? The solder pads will typically break off from the traces. The picture tube is actually a capacitor and can hold the anode voltage for several hours, even days after it was powered down.

Which of them needs replacing? As noted above, these seem to fail a lot, probably from the increased ambient heat from the cage being installed.

Bad connector, bad transistor or IC in the circuit, disconnected cable between chassis and neck board, bad potentiometer controlling the blue gun, bad socket to the tube, broken hantqrex on the tube, or dead gun in the tube, or broken solder joints on the monitor chassis.

Finished the recap and everything works as expected, no more screen size change when stuff happens in games Also pictured is a PSU I also recapped.


Arcade Otaku – アーケード オタク

Samsung GL series C uf 16v originally fitted: Luckily a friend had 2 of them and he gladly send them over I am trying to manually calibrate the chassisI found that after a while I get this discoloration on the right side: I know this may be obvious, but check your video connectionsand make sure the blue wire is correctly connected, Use a multimeter to trace back to the jamma harness.

As I noted, the wall heatsink has the voltage regulator mounted to it. Find all posts by Sluggy. Hantarex Polo tips and tricks: Another place to check is the flyback, inspect for cracks. The Polo has a unique connector for the deflection yoke. I have taken some photo. Send a private message to john Daewoo RS series C 47uf 25v originally fitted: From the component side, you may visually see cracks like in the bottom picture.

Written Thursday, December 8th, at Should there be this melted plastic around these areas? Daewoo RSS series C3 10uf 63v originally fitted: Then bend the legs flat 90 degrees like pictured.

You will have free access now to replace the capacitors and do whatever else you like. Daewoo RS series -OR- 4. I wound up having to fix all of this again, now I think every flyback trace is jumpered. I could not find them on the CCT from the manual.

Originally Posted by john I have a Polo 25″ but Hantarez thought I remember someone telling me it was only standard resolution.

I thought maybe that was how to switch from 15K 25K.