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1-+ 1 ~:haptr,ztroduction HEXATONICS llexatonic scales are six note scales. One way to create a hexatonic scale is to combine the notes of two. Many modern piano players use hexatonic voicings by stacking the triads to create a particular harmony. By Jerry Bergonzi Book & CD Item: ADV Sheet Music – £ – Hexatonic scales are six note scales. This book presents a practical method for the construction of hexatonic scales that are useful for.

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Eb Real Book 5th edition Vol. Try antiCipating the dominant chord by playing the hexatonic on the preceding minor 7 chord. For example, over the A-7 chord, try any of these hexatonics: On a minor 7th chord, the upper Wad sounds the 9, n 1 and D jC-Try playing 8 notes of any hexatonic melody using the notes of the grid as starting notes.

Jerry Bergonzi Vol 7 – Hexatonics.pdf

Programma del triennio di di The book is big and just shy of pages. Yes, here they are.

Hexattonics are the work books from Jazz Harmon In some cases additional naturals are given. Like a blues scale, in the wrong hands this could be devastating! I find that they are a good way to combine diatonic with non-diatonic elements, and can point in the direction of polytonality. Nevertheless, it is a good way to practice in order to make it your own.


Rather than practice all of them, select a few, and play them in hexatpnics keys in order to gain flexibility with these hexatonics.

The sixth hexatonic is two minor triads a whole step apart. Each of the triads expresses a tonality. Have each hexatonic be 1 bar, 2 bars or 4 bars each.

For example, over the C-7 chord, try any these hexatonics: So David, I was vergonzi, does Bergonzi have any reasoning as to why he proceeds in such a fashion? Played over it sounds the: Have each hexatonic be 1 bar,2 bars or 4 bars each.

This can be very helpful in modal settings where there are no diatonic, cycle-forth root movements or resolutions and where each chord change may last a long time for instance, four, eight, or sixteen measures ” Bergonzi’s book is very well thought out and structured to be very useful as a practice tool. Many modern piano players use hexatonic berbonzi by stacking the triads to create aparticular harmony. I bergobzi already been able to start applying some of the principles I’ve learned in just the first four chapters.

To write it down or to give it a name, we will call it D triad over C triad. Do you want to see what you’re missing? This effect is multiplied when the triad pair is used over a root tone that is not present in brgonzi triad.

Inside Improvisation Series, Vol. 7: Hexatonics: Book & CD

The hexatonic to play is written above the bar with the chord symbol below. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. D 7 sus C7 sus G7 sus: Some hexatonics are consonant sounding against a chord type. Beginning with half-step relationships, F major and E major triads can be useful over ii and V in hexatoniccs key of C, while also generating interest hexatoncs non-diatonic tones. You need the password There are 12 melodies selected from the list and transposed to all keys.


The first hexatonic is the one most commonly played, and also the one that Walt Wieskof bases his entire book on. Is Berklee College of music out of your price range?

Thanks for the info. Jerry bergonzi vol 6 – Developing a jazz language Education. Berklee Jazz Harmony E-7 Bergohzi D-7 G7 Of course, improvising and using only one particular hexatonic sounds very onedimensionaL Nevertheless, it is a good way to practice in order to make it your own.

Triad pair are basically the same thing as hexatonic scales. Campbell’s approach in my Triad Pairs post. As already stated, a hexatonic scale can be derived by combining the notes of two triads that do not share any common tones.