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El Cordón Dorado, Hitlerismo Esotérico. “The Hitlerist Cosmogony was revealed to me in Antarctica in , shortly after the end of the Great. Hitlerismo Esoterico – Miguel Serrano – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Miguel Joaquín Diego del Carmen Serrano Fernández, better known as Miguel Serrano (10 . He also produced a trio of books that came to be known as his ” Hitler Trilogy”: El Cordón Dorado: Hitlerismo Esotérico (), Adolf Hitler, el Ultimo.

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El Cordón Dorado: Hitlerismo Esotérico

Serrano refers to Genesis 6. Open Preview See a Problem? Rider []; New Hit,erismo We already know because we have already lived it time after time.

Pantera Skynyrd rated it it was amazing Jun 13, Refresh and try again. Through these dimensions one can enter and exit analog worlds. Ssoterico by bit I have been realising my oeuvre, as if guided by someone. XVII autumn Spanish. Then they taught the people how to construct buildings using stone.

El Cordón Dorado: Hitlerismo Esotérico by Miguel Serrano

Editorial Kier; London, Boston: We also have in our memory banks the memories of all the natural disasters that occurred on Earth: Following Chile’s election of a Marxist President, Salvador AllendeSerrano was dismissed from the diplomatic service in Book in which bitlerismo author recounts his experience in India, his contacts with swamis and gurus and his pilgrimage in the Himalayas.

The Hyperboreans who came from other planets settled at the North Pole, a connecting point to great astral currents. Holy Book of the Aryan Tribes. This is the memory we have with our own God. It presented the Nazi German esoerico Adolf Hitler as a spiritual adept who had incarnated to Earth hitlerisno a savior of the Aryan race and who would lead humanity out of a dark age known as the Kali Yuga.


Views Read Edit View history. The Jews on the other hand will only perpetuate hate and vengeance, based on a criminal God created from their own minds for the purpose of enslaving mankind, their incubated Dracula. Published by Editorial Solar first published January 1st I read the abridged edition of this book The Golden Cord: Gustavo Cajas rated it it was amazing Nov 06, The Jews did there best to cover up and erase Egyptian history.

Santiago, Chile, Editorial Nascimento; London: Porque yo soy uno de esos que hablaban con los Dioses…”. Jonathan Duque rated it it was ok Jul 08, Serrano also developed an interest in forms of religious or spiritual practice, including both Western esotericism and Hinduism.

In these subterranean hydraulic currents you place a needle, just like acupuncture, or like those who put needles into dolls to injure some person, called black magic. One has to be very hitlrismo that he is communicating with divine spirits and not semi-divine spirits. The polar continent disappeared beneath the deluge and Hyperborea became invisible again.

Miguel Serrano

North and South Pole are entry points into the hollow earth and the exit points to the astral Earth, which we call the parallel earth. WriterNovelistessayist, journalist, explorer and diplomat. Through death comes life.

He wrote hitlerisom trilogy of books on Hitler in which he outlined his view of the Nazi leader as an avatar.


Editorial Solar, 2nd ed. At this point in time of the age of involution the spirit esotericp are not coming to the physical earth and they expect us to communicate with them to receive instructions and divine messages.

They are firmly situated on top of subterranean worlds connected by tunnels and temples, old remote cities John Dee, an extraordinary Alchemist and English mathematician during the 16th century said that the Earth was not round, but concentric at the Polar Caps.

Because we have not reached that elite state we must be content with what we have. The Demiurge had created a bestial esotsrico of humanity in the form of proto-human “robots” like Neanderthal Man, and intentionally uitlerismo his creatures to an endless cycle of involuntary reincarnation on the earthly plane to no higher purpose.

Jung was falsely accused of being a Nazi sympathizer and even today people are prejudiced against his literary works.

As the Second World War ended in defeat for Nazi Germany inSerrano was convinced that Hitler had not committed suicide in Berlin as was claimed by the victorious Allies. Ekel Adolf rated it really liked it Esoterici 02, The New Age Santiago.

Newer Esoterkco Older Post Home. Serrano had 3 children with this first wife. Appearance of the “I”, distancing from “him”]. Paracelsus considered it a condensation of light. There has been mass immigration of Germans to Chile during the last one hundred years.