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with Homi K. Bhabha, a leading figure in contemporary cultural discourse, The concept of the third space is submitted as useful for analysing the enunciation. Homi Bhabha’s Third Space and African identity but as enunciation. . Homi Bhabha theorizes the Third Space of confusion and paradox, or liminality, within . The principal theoretical frame departs from Homi Bhabha’s () concepts of ‘ the third space of enunciation’ and ‘mocking mimicry’, which serve as a more.

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Cultural Diversity and Cultural Differences | Homi K. Bhabha

To Bhabha, social collectives cultures are specific temporal constellations, which to a large extent consist of elements that they share with others In order to avoid generalising and formalised views of social encounters, it has become clear that a local, small-scale, perspective is a necessary point of departure.

He resorted to a clean appearance in extreme, always wearing new fresh clothes, silk cravat, meticulous shiny polished shoes and shaved himself up to seven times a day.

Carnival and Popular Culture in the Caribbean, Minneapolis: It is evident that Bhabha tries to avoid dealing with clusters of elements that certain larger collectives indeed seem to share.

The hybrid notion of blurring the real and the virtual is expanded in the third space through distributed presence, in which the participants of the third space are in distributed physical spaces, essentially, referring to a shared electronic social space. The ranges of different ways in which mimicry may work in social practice and in material expression are plentiful and there can be little doubt of the concept’s usefulness in archaeological analysis.

Skerrett [8] associates it with a multiliteracies approach. Nonetheless, confrontations with incompatible social practice, ideologies and differing material worlds often have unforeseen effects, far beyond the 1 In contrast to the concept of material culture, materialities refer to a wider range of ‘natural’ and ‘cultural’ material substances rhird e.

Most such alterations are just temporary, but in conjunction with others, they can result in an important social change of the long term enunciaiton a similar sense as formulated in Giddens’ theory of structuration or Braudel’s discussion of the event, the short- and the long term.

He found that some types of red- figure ceramics in Etruria were not found in Greece, which may hint at a specialised import rather than simple acculturation of Greek culture.


Indians, Missionaries, and Merchants: Latterly the term Third Space has been appropriated into brand marketing where domestic spaces and workforce-engagement spaces are set against recreational bhwbha space: But as I will show further on, their importance cannot be dismissed as either marginal anomalies, or, as Sahlins’ argues, simply being elements contained within a given homogeneous cosmological babha cf. In order to move from the first to the second floor or vice versa, one needs to use the stairs.

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The Satanic Verses is for change-by-fusion, change-by-conjoining. Another example is Robin Osbourne’s study the Greek ceramic imports in Etruria. It has already become apparent that the complexity of the social encounter makes it necessary to keep the analysis on a detailed, small scale level. Microarchaeology is, to put it simply, a way of discussing regularities thurd practice without the need to confine the study within a cultural context.

Ironic mimicry can thus be employed as solidarity strengthening strategy that authorities will have difficulties to ban cf. There is a tendency of certain groups not necessarily subaltern ones to employ similar reasoning to score political points or revive an ‘original’ ethnicity based on more or less fictive ‘cultures’ of the enunciatiin cf. Skip to content Open Menu Off. Sahlins has stressed that the sace and circumstances of Cooks first encounter happened to match quite well with the local mythology of the god Lono and Sahlins argues that the Hawaiians therefore greeted and apotheosized Cook as Lono.

The majority of postcolonial studies consequently concern the former western colonies in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Talpade Mohantyfor instance, argues convincingly in her discussion of the postcolonial situation of women that in order to fully understand the social complexity of colonial encounters, it is necessary to keep the analysis on a local level cf.

This virtual definition of culture, no matter how appropriate, suffers from a similar ambivalence regarding the real and the enunciatin as noted on the issue of space. Soja for a conceptualization of the term within the social sciences and from a critical urban theory perspective. In his dialogism thesis, Mikhail Bakhtin emphasizes a space of enunciation where negotiation of discursive doubleness gives birth to a new speech act: It is evident that traditional culture based models of acculturation and transculturation are generally far too crude because they neglect social heterogeneity and processes of hybridity.


On the contrary, Bhabha argues that all social collectives, nation states, cultures or small-scale ethnic groups, are caught in a continuous process of enuncixtion. The process of hybridity thus makes the idea bhanha cultures and ethnic collectives as homogeneous entities inconceivable, or in Gayatri Spivak’s words, elusive: Kimberley spear points, cultural identity and masculinity in the north of Australia, Journal of Social Archaeology 2 3: World Archaeology, Feb97, Vol.

One concerns a Mexican performance artist enuncition on the border between USA and Mexico, who takes advantage of his ambivalent in-between position in his provocative broadcastings.

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Up to this point, postcolonial inspired archaeological texts have generally been enunciayion with three main issues: Peter van Dommelen, has, in a number of texts, discussed the different effects of the Greek and Punic ‘colonisations’ in the Mediterranean area. Chapter Two 41 Stein, Gil ed The production of meaning requires that these two places be mobilized in the passage through a Third Space, which represents both the general conditions of language and the specific implication of the utterance in a performative and institutional strategy of which it cannot ‘in itself’ be conscious Instead, a way of cultural syncretization, i.

It is, however, important to recognise the great variability and different effects of similarly identical kinds of encounters; there are no formulas spacd schemes with universal application even to historically known colonisations cf. As to the etiologies [the study of causes or origins] of contending cultural explanations, one can no doubt plot historical narratives, themselves part of the network of explanations; but the search for absolute etiologies is as fascinating and elusive as the search for the origin of language Spivak Also the concept of mimicry can help us to discuss similarities in hkmi and practice above simplifying concepts such as imitation and reproduction.

The Sublime Object of Ideology.