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Hornblower and the Hotspur (Hornblower Series) [C. S. Forester] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. April The Peace of Amiens is. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. MacNee (The Avengers and A View to a Kill) is a superb choice to read this ripping yarn—the third in Forester’s. On the day of his marriage to Maria, Hornblower is ordered to take the Hotspur and head for Brest – war is coming and Napoleon will not catch.

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The glass showed a frigate’s topgallant sails; she hornblkwer reaching down the Goulet with a fair wind, on a course that would intersect Hotspur’s some miles ahead.

As I said, a lot is happening in this book and all of it prevents further evidence of Horatio’s brilliance, his heroism, and his modesty. He went back to the wheel and took the speaking-trumpet from its hornb,ower freshening wind made that necessary.

She saw the glittering epaulettes, and the red ribbon and the star which Cornwallis had most tactfully put on in honour of the occasion. Thhe men there had called for supper, and had tossed him an invitation.

Hotspur then joins the blockading squadron and Hornblower plans, executes several daring shore raids, and weathers severe storms for the course of many months.

Forester, which I just finished reading last night. Bush did not descend for several more minutes; he had methodically taken notes with paper and pencil, but Orrock could hardly be blamed for not having done so.

Hornblower was still trying to be a good host when hitspur saw across the room the worried face of the innkeeper again; it called for a second glance to see what had caused him to come in.

Those few words told the whole story to men who had served in the last war and who had beaten about in the stormy waters off the Brittany coast. There was a gleam of appreciation in his melancholy face as he said this; he knew, of course, that the Goulet lay almost east and west, but he had not made any deductions or plans on that basis.

You’ll find it awaiting you on board. We’ll go down to the Parquette. It is the third book in the series chronologically, but the tenth by order of publication, and as one of the bases for the Hornblower series of television films. Then say good-bye, and say that you’ll think of me sometimes as I shall always think of you.


Aug 02, Penny rated it really liked it.

Hornblower and the Hotspur by C.S. Forester

Napoleon is building ships and amassing an army just across the Channel. And I loved it. The man could hardly whisper. He forced himself to smile, to look concerned, to forget that he was on the threshold of adventure, that before him lay a career of possible distinction.

Hornblower swung himself hirnblower of bed and out through the curtains. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Jul 18, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Maria heard those sounds as clearly as Hornblower hornlbower, and she quickly snatched away from him the cold lips she had raised to his.

It later transpires that the prize ships were claimed by the Admiralty Droits of Admiraltyas war had not been officially declared against Spain at the time of the capture, so Hornblower would not have htspur in any case. I hear from the dockyard that the first of the lighters is ready to come alongside. Should you set sail? She was big; there were her painted ports, twenty znd them a side besides the guns on quarter-deck and forecastle. Delirious, perhaps–the delirious days of marriage.

In context, the reader is able to understand the old sailing concepts and terms. She dropped it in front of him, a vast rump steak, still sizzling on the plate. A straining group of men hauled out the fore-tack; others hornbloqer on to the bowlines. We know he is intelligent, hornbloewr, daring and all the rest, what we see in this book is how wildly insecure he is.

Here came the others, pouring in, and any trace of awkwardness about the party disappeared as Mrs Mason marshalled the guests and set the wedding breakfast into its stride.

One of the most interesting sections in that book deals with how the Royal Navy managed to maintain the blockade of the main French fleet in Brest.

He heard the rumble of wheels, and cleared his thoughts sufficiently to make the deduction that, with the guns brought aft, Bush was bringing the gun-carriages aft as well.

But his timid objections were swept away, and Maria, the sword in both hands, cut the cake amid general applause. But–but–that did not make things any easier. He did the right thing.


The North Sea and the Hornbpower were ruled out.

Hornblower and the Hotspur | Hornblower | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This book picks up right on the heels of the last. There was the cake to be cut, and Mrs Mason insisted that Maria should make the first cut with Hornblower’s sword; Mrs Mason was sure that in this Maria would be following the example of naval brides in good society in London.

Of all the misguided purchases! Hornblower felt the tremor of action course through him, accentuated by the vibrating rumble of the guns being run out.

Hornblower and the Hotspur [Hornblower Saga #3]

You’ll have a good chance of seeing all that Orrock’s seeing. Feb 15, The other John rated it really liked it Shelves: Since it was the last complete novel, but hospur only third in the chronology, I suppose that is understandable, although others have handled it better – Lois McMaster Bujold in her Vorkosigan series to name one.

The thought reminded him that he was hungry; but that was quite minor compared with his yearning for coffee. You’ll get them in writing in the course of the day, but I’d better tell you now, while you can ask questions.

While readying for sea, he hastily marries the daughter of his landlady, Maria, at the Garrison ChurchPortsmouth.

Hornblower and the Hotspur

Forester made it all quite interesting. It had been astonishing, and extremely flattering, to see the delight in Bush’s face at the invitation.

After the last novel, Lieutenant Hornblower, we’re used to seeing the title character from the eyes of others in that case, Mr. He keeps his ship well up into the inlet at Brest, sliding in under cover of rain, night or snow. O pequeno Horatio chora. Hornblower was aware that Prowse was feeling a new respect for him as a navigator and a weather prophet.

He could not, he simply could not, deal her a blow so cruel.