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HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. All rights reserved. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Know the functions and features of BTS Master. Address: Huawei Industrial Base Bantian, Longgang Shenzhen . of the double- transceiver BTS family.1 Position of the BTS in the GSM. Huawei BTSAE – VR Product Description – Download as PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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The number of the For a single board, it is If the Board No. Select a site, and huswei double-click Forced Software Load in the right pane. We offer bespoke test facilities in our purpose built 5, sq.

Figure Board configuration Click Refresh. Combined cabinet signal transfer board. The red one means there is an alarm. Thus, the coverage of the BTS is optimized. You can lock or unlock the board or channel manually. Page 74 Antenna Pattern The antenna pattern describes the radiating abilities of antennas in all directions Omni Antenna Directional antenna Polarization: After finishing an operation, release the site management right.

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Bts Huawei Bts Dfcb M GSM Module, Gsm Module on

If you need more information, pls directly contact us through online tool or other way you prefer to. Specify the parameters and click OK. Click Board, and then double-click the Board Management in the right pane. There are,and 1— M frequencies on the Btz, M, — M M, and M band respectively.

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Huawei BTS 3012

Select a site, huaweu then double-click RF Specification Test. The prompt “Software activation successfully” is displayed. If the login fails, an error message is displayed. Choose the file to be loaded from File Name.

The result is displayed on the status bar in the dialog box, as shown in Figure Figure shows the relationship between the logical objects.

The settings for the channel attributes can only be used for offline commissioning. The Configuration and Information dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure Choose the TMU, port number, loop-back mode and enter the test duration, and click Start.

The Transport Performance Bfs dialog box is displayed.

A site resetting disrupts all services in the coverage area of the cell. Shenzhen Ameison Communication Equipment Co.

Interface on the DTMU panel: The Site Test dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure The result is displayed on the status bar in the dialog box. Functional structure of the DDPU: Page 86 Combined Cabinet Signal Cables The connection of the signal cables of the combined cabinet is as buawei The test result is displayed, as shown in Figure Page 5 Location MS: The interfaces on the DCSU panel: The external reference clock bte transmitted to the clock module in the DTMU through the Abis interface The clock module performs buawei lock and frequency division on the clock signals to generate different clock signals for BTSs The clock signals are transmitted to the modules in the main cabinet such as the DTRU and the DDPU The clock hauwei are transmitted to the modules in the slave cabinets through the clock distribution cable Contents: The Battery Operation dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure Warranty terms with half a year later.

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After logging in to the system, you can change the password. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. BTS Cabinet and Boards: Types of Main Feeder: Select a site, and then double-click Bar Code Query in the right pane.

Cookies We use cookies on our websites. The Cell Test dialog box is displayed.

Unlocked Teleservices are allowed. Select a site, and then double-Select a site Test in the right pane. Right-click the board to be reset. Select a site, and then double-click Transport Performance Test in the right pane. Off There is no power supply or the board is faulty.

Huawei BTS Support Guide, Manuals & PDF – Huawei

The Change Cell Management State dialog box is displayed. Filters, amplifies, and outputs the combined signals RF subsystem receive part. Generally, the number of DDPU is one at least and three at most.