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Rev. 4 — 26 February Product data sheet. Table 1. Ordering information. Type number. Package. Temperature range Name. Description. Version. 74LS, 74LS Datasheet, 74LS Octal Bus Transceiver Tri-State Datasheet, buy 74LS, 74LS pdf, ic 74LS Lead Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC), JEDEC MS, Wide. DM74LSSJ. M20D. Lead Small Outline Package (SOP), EIAJ TYPE II.

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MC74HCD shipped in antistatic tube. We are not responsible for cash sent in the mails, so conceal well. Quiescent power supply current; the current flowing into the V CC supply terminal.

Yet, ICs are very versatile with many applications.

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If you still can’t find your electronic parts, try datashfet other name and part variations. While these ICs are new i never used, this huge IC lot is sold ‘as is’. The “HC” means that this is the low power, high input impedance, and high-speed version of the IC type.

LOW level input voltage; the range of input voltages that represents a logic LOW level in the system. SN for a TTL partin which case, ignore the prefix letter s as they don’t dictate function.

Multiplexing a DVM IC | Electronics Forum (Circuits, Projects and Microcontrollers)

Additional quiescent supply current per input pin at a specified input voltage and V CC. If our end count is above 5, all the extra ICs will be part of this deal and we will not charge you more for them.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse any order, form of payment, or buyer-imposed sale or shipping conditions without liability to us. Switch capacitance; the capacitance of a terminal to a switch of an analog device. Input leakage current; the current flowing into a device at a specified input voltage and V CC.


Hysteresis voltage; difference between the trigger levels, when applying a positive and a negative-going input signal. Please do Datasheeet phone us about Items of trade. Many “74” and “54” TTL parts are labeled without their “74” or “54” prefix e.

IC integrated circuit integrierter Schaltkreis. We do accept Items of Trade. Unlike many Online stores, our goal is to always provide you clear and correct item images, and accurate and reasonably complete item descriptions. Order by Title below image – Email us your order. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 7. Device inputs datsheet conditioned to establish a HIGH level at the output.

If our end count is above 10, all the extra ICs will be part of this deal and we will not charge you more for them. Any help provided is greatly appreciated.

OUR ICs are offered on these webpages: For datasheets for integrated circuits, transistors, rectifiers, diodes, and most other electronic parts, we recommend the following great electronic parts database websites: Replacing a 4 pin leaded inductor with a 2 pin Started by gkmaia Yesterday at CD74LS27N shipped in antistatic tube.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Some images are missing dataxheet we are recently nearly overwhelmed by huge buys of ICs we are still combing through, and simply don’t have the staff to photograph all of 1,s of new parts.

Device inputs are conditioned to establish a LOW level at the output. All Items which are electrostatically sensitive e.

Articles Top Articles Search resources. However, if for any reason our end count is below 1, we will refund you based on the prorated amount we datashheet. These plastic IC tubes can also be used as stands. We will not look for numbers nor sort into numeric orders – you will get one big box with all of these TTL ICs very cheap.


7400 series library in VHDL

Prices are stated below Item Description. To participate you need to register.

For integrated circuits, the main specs to look for is based on the base partlook for these specifications from the electronic part’s datasheet, and then find electronic parts with matching critical datasheet specs usually, not all specs are critical.

For many items, we are not limited to the quantities shown – should you need more and we have what you need available, we will seriously consider your offer. At least 14 different part numbers, and every part number consists of at least one full tube of the part number. BoxAlbuquerque, NM Contact: And both the DIP and SM tubes can be later recycled to store other ICs that will fit into them, as sound, thermal and electrical insulating materials, and even as lightweight but strong and very protective packing materials.

MC74HCB1 shipped in antistatic tube. Else, Buy What You Need. For sequential logic devices the clock frequency using alternate HIGH and LOW for data input or using the toggle mode, whichever is applicable.

We often buy and trade for new electronic parts, electronic test equipment, and other items of the types described herein, preferably in larger quantities, some which we set aside for our own electronic laboratory, shop, and other inventories and some we resell herein.

HIGH level output voltage; the range of voltages at an output terminal with a specified output loading and supply voltage.