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Delphine Lettau, Charles Franks, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. IMMENSEE BY THEODOR W. STORM TRANSLATED BY C. W. BELL M. A. Immensee By Theodor Storm. ‘Immensee’ is around forty pages long. So, it is closer to a long short story or a short novella. The story starts with. Theodor Storm (), one of the leading literary Realists of the nineteenth century, achieved world-wide popularity with the novella Immensee in

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Beautifully written tale of young love that goes beyond the literary text. He promises the girl that he will write to her regularly and will come back soon.

After half an hour’s walk they passed out of the gloom of the pine trees into a bright fresh beech wood. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it. I will leave you with one of my favourite passages from the book. He has been so long away abroad, we will try to make him feel at home again.

Immensee by Theodor Storm

He remembers his bygone youth and delves into his studies, to which he dedicated a lot of time in the past. Eric made as if to go after, but the mother said: The same feeling atorm, too, after he had been at home for some time and came to see her constantly day after day.

From their early childhood on, the protagonists Reinhard Werner and Elisabeth no last name mentioned have been close friends. After a moment of hesitation, 5-year old Elisabeth agrees to his plans. Still not my favourite. It is striking twelve o’clock. I thought I will read one of my old favourites and hope that it will bring back my reading mojo.

I can go on and tell you what happens next, but I think you should read the story to find out. I must forget; Immmensee heart protesting, but not free. The stork had meanwhile come to earth and was striding solemnly between the vegetable beds.


At length he had come so near the flower that he was able clearly to distinguish the silvery leaves in the moonlight; but at the same time he felt himself entangled in a net xtorm by the smooth stems of the water plants which swayed up from the bottom and wound themselves round his naked limbs. The morning twilight yet brooded in every corner; the big house-cat stretched its limbs on the straw mat and arched its back against Reinhard’s hand, which he unthinkingly held out to it. Elisabeth was at all times gentle and kind.

It almost seemed as if he had now reached the end of his journey, for he stood motionless, looking out over the tops of the trees at his feet, and gazing at immebsee farther shore, where the immenseee of the manor-house floated, rocking gently, on the bosom of the water. Bitterly did I complain That my mother brought me pain.

Immensee by Theodore W. Storm – Full Text Free Book

The same person also embroidered the cuffs for you. The quintessential German romantic novella of unfulfilled love where the main character is unable to reconcile romantic idealized love with earthy practical life. I will look forward to hearing your tsorm on the book. The wedding is to take place soon, and her mother means to go away with them. And against whom had you to stand up for me? Ich habe das Buch auf Deutsch gelesen.

Ihm bleibt allein die Erinnerung. xtorm

It was the work that made him famous and remains to this day one of his most widely read. She was standing motionless on the same spot and looking at him with lifeless eyes. The book was beautiful during my re-read too. The restaurant door bell tinkled and a dark form staggered up the broad dimly-lighted stair.

Today, I thought I will try to do something about it. There is no winter in India. An old man contemplates a love lost when he was young Outside in the street deep twilight had set in; he felt the cool winter air blowing on his heated brow.


Characterised by a haunting nostalgia, Storm’s work is a high point of the German Romantic movement. He struck out with hands and feet and swam about in a circle until he had made quite sure from what point he had entered the water. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. The road led along close under the garden.

Well, it is myself! Jan 14, Kristina added it.

Immensee by Theodor Storm

Reinhard sat a few paces off stprm a tree stump, and gazed over at her in silence. So, I was a bit worried when I read it again, because I was afraid of what will happen if my re-reading experience was not as good as the original one.

It was okay to read, better than the other German books we had to read for school.

So they came to an open space overgrown with heather where the view extended far over the country-side. At late dusk, in his mind’s eye, the old man once more catches sight of the water lily on the lake through the window. In the additional materials the editor discusses the illustrations giving a flavour of the nineteenth century publishing world and its changing technology, you had your basic text edition, then your superior edition with illustrations and then eventually your deluxe product with four colour lithographic pictures, and further marketing opportunities with international inmensee in foreign languages, it seemed you could begin to earn a living from writing with out having to kill yourself by working yourself ijmensee an early grave like Dickens.