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Star Wars: Imperial Commando: st by Karen Traviss, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Clone Wars are over, but for those with reason to run from the new galactic Empire, the battle to survive has only just begun The Jedi have. st has ratings and reviews. Chad said: Karen Traviss continues to be one of the best things about the Star Wars EU with this, the fourth vol.

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Seeing how he has the entire Clan Skirata watching over Kad, Darman decides to stay in the st Legion in order to monitor, and maybe even sabotage, certain activities within the Empire that might compromise Kad’s safety.

501st: Star Wars Legends (Imperial Commando)

The series peaked in books two and three of 5, but the larger story and interesting moral questions still make this one worth reading. Having been brought, one way or another, to Skirata’s base, he has to decide whether to kill them to protect its secret location. The akk handler was heading his way. They might have looked identical under those helmets, but if she thought they were friends—that was all wrong, deadly wrong.

What was I 510st

While I understand that new readers may be unfamiliar with the characters and history, the constant repetitions won’t help them “catch up”. Unfortunately, there will be be no closure for our still living characters, at least not from Traviss’s pen. See all reviews. Not Enabled Screen Reader: Traviss makes his whole psychology immediately compelling, involving, his motivations ijperial relatable and you feel his pain every step of the way.


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st: Star Wars Legends (Imperial Commando) by Karen Traviss | : Books

I don’t enjoy getting into the technical aspects of a story, because as I read it, thats not what I think about. An explanation for Order Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. This language was called Mandalorean.

impsrial Here we finally get an Imperial not out for power, prestige, money, whatever, but out there to get rid of Force-users and dissenters for a reason Plus, a good friend of mine gave me the book, which meant I absolutely had to read it! How would they see themselves? Karen Traviss did an amazing job with the Clone Commando series, and miperial one is no exception.

This is a welcome continuation of the Republic Commando series – which can no longer be called that because in the last novel Order 66 the Republic was taken over by Emperor Palpatine and his right hand fist Darth Vader. There is always the slim chance Del Rey will bring on another quality author to take over the chore of exploring the next 501stt of the Skirata clan’s trevails.

Indeed, my lack of connection and empathy for command characters often led to my skimming quickly over those parts of the book. Her ability to weave her story into the existing universe puts her at the top of the current group of Star Wars writers most of whom go about inventing new circumstances with no regard for the existing body of literature.

The next book promised more action than this one as the stories heated up.


If I say that enough times, it might make me less sad. Commercial freighter Cornucopia, Mezeg Sector freight terminal; third week of the new era of the Empire Ny Vollen had never broken her word to anyone, but now seemed like a sensible time to start.

Imperial Commando: st | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

They were tough in the earlier novels, but not invincible. Jun 28, Pages Buy.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Yes but without the usual suspects and more like the immperial and Guildenstern are Dead’ version as the story of a few individuals amongst the thousands who wear the Empire’s anonymous white armour unfolds between the momentous events as shown in the Star Wars movies, starting with the Battle of Geonosis.

You can do your Force stuff to make guards go away, right?


Retrieved from ” http: Still, there’s promise of more of him and his bunch later. The clones have almost become parodies of themselves, and their amazing powers prevent them from even once coming into real danger in this one. There are no polls currently operating commandoo this sector. I read the Kindle edition of this book.

If they happened to win—they would be lost in aimless despair.

But he’s not the only one who’ll be forced to test the ties of brotherhood.