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Find great deals for Intermatic CA InTouch Wireless Multi-volt vac Contactor Module. Shop with confidence on eBay!. How to wire Intermatic CA 30 amp Z-wave remote contactor. 10 year warranty through 30 amp x 80% = 24 amp safe maximum 25 amp motor. Intermatic CA 2 channel z-wave contactor volt zwave contactor 40 amp 2 channel operation means contactor can be set for SPST so both.

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Programmable timers Woods timers. I try to avoid adding article for devices that are only compatible with the Wink beta firmware, but sometimes, something slips through.

How to wire Intermatic CA

Terminals are electrically separate from terminals unless a jumper wire is added. Match breaker and wire size. Battery operated devices should be configured immediately. All Z-wave is open source standard, and all devices will continue to interoperate with newer zwave devices. This for safety and to help suppress surge events.

GE contactor is hardwired, requires no battery, and requires no device configuration after inclusion is complete, and is awake full time, with 3 watt standby consumption. Dry terminals allow each relay to handle different voltages or any AC voltage you choose. SmartThings Hub is ‘hardwired’ and continually powered.

Do not work on contactor unless power is off. Electric cables must be tightly secured to CA, and cables must also be held tight to structure with cable staples, or use conduit. Z-wave information packets are too small. Move safety switch lever up-and-down to turn power on-off. Build your own zwave products You worked hard in school Both systems can be connected to and controlled by phone or computer.


During inclusion of each device, such as the GE Contactor, the controller will assign it’s unique Home-id to that device. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. No two controllers have same Home-id.

Intermatic InTouch CA3750 Contactor Module

When outdoor or vacation home water heater is off, the water can freeze. Therefore the GE Contactor device is ready to interoperate with any Z-wave controller.

Wiring diagrams below on this page 1 Select voltage: Locate cut-off next to CA or short reach away Troubleshoot electric water heater. Non-fusable means there is no breaker or fuse inside the cut-off box.

Do not connect 20 amp load to 30 amp wires. Ordinary AAA battery has mAh milliamp hours. Adding several nodes to network helps since each node communicates with other nodes in the network. Match breaker and wire size and volt are not found in residential homes, and instead found in commercial building depending on the type of electric service specified.

Use 10 gauge wire Range 50′ indoor, ‘ outdoor. Press button to merge CA with remote. Wifi carries large packets of information: Up to feet away RC transmitter manual Remote receiver manual Fuseholders In home remote controls. Resistive loads such as light bulbs, heating elements do not interfere with Z-wave.

Intermatic CA InTouch Wireless Multi-volt vac Contactor Module | eBay

Wifi drains batteries very quickly: Read about 3-phase electric How to wire 3-phase timers Resources for 3-pole contactors. CA is not rated for DC. And the wi-fi providers usually want to be a partner with your activities.


Use hammer and screwdriver and pliers to remove knockouts to run wire into enclosure. Thermostat must sit flat against tank wall to correctly read temperature: No hot wire connects to terminal 3, contactor wires connect to terminals 1 and 4 3 pole Volt coil 40 amp V coil at Amazon 60 amp V coil at Amazon 75 amp V coil at Amazon amp V coil at Amazon amp V coil at Amazon Mars 2-pole and 3-pole contactors at Amazon Resources: The Home-id cannot be changed inside the controller. Turn breaker fully off and then fully on.

It is against code to turn V circuit on-off by cutting white neutral wire without also cutting power to black hot wire. Controllers can be battery-powered or hardwired. Replace circuit breaker Not enough space inside breaker box. Add black tape near end of white wire when white wire carries voltage. Why you need ground wire. The foot range too limited.

Connect volt 3 Hp motor to terminal 4 and terminal 2 Connect volt Hot wire to terminal 5. Americas use 60 Hz power, while other countries use 50Hz. While other z-wave devices, such as battery-powered motion detector, can be configured with various parameters such as time interval etc.