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Invincible, the Game of Shusaku has 56 ratings and 7 reviews. Damon said: Shusaku was one of the leading players of the mid 19th century, who’s innovatio.. . “Invincible: The Games of Shusaku,” John Power’s classic and widely-acclaimed masterpiece on one of the greatest go players who ever lived. Is listed for $??! To my surprise today, this book is now a collectible? I bought it for $40 15 years or so ago. Some are listed at $ I.

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I finished reading what was “usual book content” within it. I can’t really say whether or not it is worth it if you’re weaker. I’ve seen many books on Amazon with ridiculous prices, like in the ‘s of dollars. I eagerly await further books that cover the careers of today’s hottest and best Shussku players in the same manner that John Power has covered Shusaku. As far as appreciating the beauty of the games, the fine historical material in the book invinciible to that, too.

Invincible – The Games of Shusaku at Sensei’s Library

The commentators offer up many diagrams showing alternative results of certain plays, and how that effect the out come. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. It’s so much nicer to play move by move through the diagrams and you can still use a wooden goban to replay certain moves.

Just playing out the diagrams ijvincible following along with the commentary will show shjsaku reader the flow of each game, where the big decisions are being made, how things might have gone differently, reasons for caution, etc.


I say if you love Go, you will respect the great players, and what better place to do that than this book that has great commentaries? Even disregarding the benefit of going through the games of players of that calibre, there’s many beautiful games in it among those I’ve replayed, the twenty, ie the ninth of the Shuwa-Shusaku series, is my favourite.


He has become known to later generations as the Saint of Go kisei and is recognized by modern players as one of the great geniuses in the history of the game. Wed Feb 24, 1: At my level, I certainly can’t understand all the intricacy of the games, but at the very least sometime thanks to the comment I can see the talent of the players and appreciate the beauty of their go. Trying to replay a game with move deep diagrams is awful. This invinciblw does full justice to a year of outstanding go with a detailed coverage of all the top title games.

Um umitems rated it really liked it May 12, Does this book exist in electronic format for Kindle? Shusaku was one of the leading players of the invihcible 19th century, who’s innovations and style in joseki’s and fighting are still invicnible today. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

Thats the only thing that actually makes me unsure wether i should buy the book.

Geoff rated it it was amazing Oct 14, He was unexcelled in his complete mastery of the strategic principles and the practical techniques of go. It is not an exaggeration to say that all the principles and all the techniques of go are embodied in concentrated form in Shusaku’s go.

Shusaku invincible • Life In 19×19

Seeing many good shapes in games eventually will help you play those shapes too. Tue Apr 28, Page 1 of 1. Probably even a bigger question than your rank is whether or not you are the sort of person who enjoys professional game commentaries. Martin rated it it was amazing Apr 24, Is it worth buying invincible?

Even if modern Go is very different from the s, the lessons invinciboe this book are hugely valuable. Martin Putera rated it really liked it Apr 08, Return to Book Page. The commentary is very deep and comprehensive. I would say it is if you’re a SDK or stronger.


Invincible – The Games of Shusaku

If you are interested maybe just contact the seller and ask if you can buy at a lower price. Can’t find it on Amazon except for paperback version. Submit a game for review! This way of playing is only possible if one has a clear understanding of the principles of go and is blessed with superb positional judgement, and it also requires considerable self-confidence. The flow of the game just feel so naturalso it’s worth the cost if only for the artistic value.

His victories over his contemporaries in a number of matches contributed to his reputation, but its main foundation is invincibke perfect record, not even approached by any other player, of nineteen successive wins in the annual castle games played in the presence of the shogun. The seller is out of stock or very low stock and puts in a sky-high no-sale price to avoid having to delist and then relist the item.

This is an amazing collection. Recently bought series of ebooks about Honinbo Shuei there – very exciting reading! I have a hard cover copy of it. The commentary is good and clear, well-written, and very insightful. Hello Is it worth buying invincible? Oct 03, JethOrensin rated it it was amazing. Want to Read saving…. So look at some free ones — say at gogameguru — and if you find them interesting, you will probably like Invincible, because shksaku commentaries are even better. I bought it at 15k.