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Jill Bolte Taylor is an American neuroanatomist, author, and inspirational public speaker. Bolte Taylor began to study about. My Stroke of Insight () is a non-fiction book by American author Jill Bolte Taylor. In it, she tells of her experience in of having a stroke in her left. The astonishing New York Times bestseller that chronicles how a brain scientist’s own stroke led to enlightenment On December 10, , Jill Bolte Taylor.

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Her pop-psych perspective isn’t informed by science. It had moments of greatness, and moments of “really? Her personal experience with a massive stroke, experienced in at the age of 37, and her subsequent eight-year recovery, influenced her work as a holte and speaker. To be touched, tasted, experienced.

My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey

As she observed her mind deteriorate to the point that she could not walk, talk, read, write, or recall any of her life-all within four hours-Taylor alternated between the euphoria of the intuitive and kinesthetic right brain, in which she felt a sense of complete well-being and peace, and the logical, sequential left brain, which recognized she was having a stroke and enabled her to seek help before she was completely lost. From a biology perspective, this book was crazy cool, as are most things biological.

Taylor was 36, and alone at home, when she had her stroke. So I take the phone pad and I put it right here. After about pageit took serious effort for me to finish and that rarely happens.

She’s a teacher and advocate for people with mental impairment. Three stars for the lengthy exercises in right brain exploration, which were fascinating but a little too fluffy for me. This has been well known for over a decade now.

That is both good and bad. And as a sister and later, as a scientist, I wanted to understand, why is it that I can take my dreams, I can connect them to my reality, and I can make my dreams come true? Two personalities in one head, Yin and Yang, hero and villain. This book is an amazing story of a neuro-scientist who experiences her own stroke.


Some parts of her job are too stressing and now too difficult, so she works out a different job description with her boss. Other than that, I wish I hadn’t my time and highly recommend that you don’t waste yours. In medicine, we have a great deal to learn from knowing what our patients are going through I’m a neurologist, so I approached this book from a different angle than most readers, I imagine. Light burned my brain like wildfire, and sounds were so loud and chaotic that I could not pick a voice out from the background noise, and I just wanted to escape.

Jill Bolte Taylor | Speaker | TED

So there was a lot of meaning in my life because I was performing this type of research during the day, but then in the evenings and on the weekends, I traveled as an advocate for NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Partly because of strooe training and knowledge and partly, I suspect, because of the way the stroke’s effects developed and progressed, she was able to observe herself and analyze the process as it was happening and somehow remembered or recovered this information later — which seems to me the amazing part perhaps a little too amazing?

The choreography is based on the ramifications of a single resonant idea: I can understand that trying to read it would be challenging. A 12 piece jigsaw puzzle inslght two days of teachable moments. I wasn’t up for a book about a person having a stroke.

I am anxious for my wife to read this book so we can talk about the parallels in this book and to her recent study of yoga and meditation Most of Jill’s book applies to any person who has experienced brain trauma, but some specific details will vary.

My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor | : Books

Soon, her own appearance — from her hands to her reflection — felt utterly bizarre to her. She takes the reader through the events of her stroke and the recovery. I am the life-force power of the universe. And in this moment we are perfect, we are whole tayllr we are beautiful.


The left brain makes up stories I, like the author, believe that–in most cases–happiness and peacefulness can be choices for every person and that our brain can become wired to react more positiv I closed this book today with such a sense of relief. If you read it, what was your take away? Jill deplored those doctors who tell their stroke patients ” if you haven’t regained skills within 6 months you never will.

Taylor’s experience while her stroke was happening was really an intense and one mg the powerful sections i have read in a long time. They cannot pick out words from the noisiness of the environment though to everyone else that does not seem noisy, they are fascinated by light, movement. Is there a ‘life message’ here not to be missed? That being said, she is not a brain surgeon.

All complex cognitive function and information processing require complex interactions of various regions of the brain in both hemispheres. Unfortunately, intertwined with her narrative is an explanation of how the brain works that is suspect, to be sure. Because of her understanding of the brain, her respect for the cells in her body, and an amazing mother, Jill completely r Jill Taylor was a year-old Harvard-trained brain scientist when a blood vessel exploded in her brain.

So I got up and I jumped onto my cardio glider, which is a full-body, full-exercise machine. What is going on? Just know, going in, that you may or may not appreciate strpke unusual combination of science, memoir and self-help.