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Taking into account the major recent studies, this volume presents an updated analysis of the life of the black slave–his African heritage, culture, family. The Slave Community. Plantation Life in the Antelbellum South. By John W. Blassingame (New York: Oxford University Press,. 1 ix plus pp. Illustrated. In The Slave Community, John Blassingame develops an interpreta- tion of slave personality and culture in the antebellum U.S. South, draw- ing heavily on.

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It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

Blassingame concludes that there were a variety of personality types exhibited by slaves positioned on a scale between the two extremes of Sambo and Nat.

The Slave Community: Plantation Life in the Antebellum South by John W. Blassingame

We jihn know that slavery is horrible and should have never come to pass, but this goes into details that are skipped over in the typical overview of American history.

Beginning Again David Ehrenfeld. PaperbackRevised, Enlargedpages. While the form of family life in the quarters differed radically from that among free Negroes and whites, this does not mean it failed to perform many of the traditional functions of the family—the rearing of children being one of the most important of these functions. Historians criticized the use of slave narratives that were seen as unreliable and biased.

A Response to Critics” appears in the volume. It is a fast read, it’s like a novel and very illustrious accoun I think this book is really good. Statistical truths are no more self-evident than literary ones.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Blassingame grants that slaveowners did have control over slave marriages. A book all American historians could read with profit. Engs, University of Pennsylvania. I think this book is really good.


Jun 12, Ed Protzel rated it it was amazing. Sociological Justice Donald Black. Degler writes in the Washington Post that Blassingame’s study comes “closer than any previous study to answering the question ‘what was it like to be a slave? I gave the book four stars because some statements from author came off more as speculation, or there was a generalization of information without any given reference citations.

The Slave Community – John W. Blassingame – Oxford University Press

University of Chicago Press,chap. Finally, slaveowners used the Sambo stereotype to alleviate their own fears and anxieties about the potential rebelliousness of their slaves. Blassingame, however, points out that in spite of restrictions, slaves were able to build a strong musical tradition drawing on their African heritage.

Like most personal documents, the autobiography provides a window to the larger world. Retrieved from ” https: He never mentions receiving schooling of any significance, yet his autobiography is written in a grammatically correct and formal manner. We have had very largely a male-dominated literature about slavery. The downside is that, at least on this topic, there were many contradictions. It spurs much discussion.

It’s a much more com This book should be required reading in history classes in high schools, I think. Du Bois, and Manning Marable. University of North Carolina Press,p.

In a edition of Roll, Jordan, RollEugene Genovese explains that Blassingame’s book “demonstrates that the published accounts of runaway slaves can be illuminating”. This books examines the slave society as a society – exploring the institutions, life ways, and patterns from both the slave and owners perspective. Vintage Books,p.


Blassingame also published a compilation communty slave interviews, letters, and It was hard making it through this book.

The Slave Community

Other religious survivals noted by Blassingame include funeral rites, grave decorating, and ritualistic dancing and singing. Kilson believes that Blassingame ultimately failed in his analysis because “his intellectual integration of social and psychological orientations communlty yet to be fully achieved. Communiy, Roll, Jordan, Roll: Nevertheless, Blassingame argues that “however frequently the family was broken it was primarily responsible for the slave’s ability to survive on the plantation without becoming totally dependent on and submissive to his master.

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RawickFrom Sunup to Sundown: Raboteau comments, “We should speak of the ‘invisibility’ of slave religion with irony: In the new preface, Blassingame asserted that the book had to soave revised because of George Bentley, an enslaved, pro-slavery Primitive Baptist minister from Tennessee who pastored a white church in the s. To Make Our World Anew: Pages to import images to Wikidata Featured articles.

Feb 26, Gina rated it liked it. In The Slave CommunityBlassingame uses psychologist Harry Stack Sullivan ‘s interpersonal theory to interpret the behavior of slaves on antebellum plantations.

Taking into account the major recent studies, this volume presents an updated analysis of the life of the black slave–his African heritage, culture, family, acculturation, behavior, religion, and personality. This well-researched volume documents all aspects of life for the plantation slave before the Civil War.