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Keratella cochlearis cochlearis (Gosse, ) · Keratella cochlearis pachyacantha Thomasson · Keratella cochlearis polaris De Smet & Bafort K.c. cochlearis: Posterior polygons are open. on lorica length vs. body width for three Keratella species and three K. cochlearis forms, click on graph below. Keratella cochlearis (Gosse, ) (Download Help) Keratella cochlearis TSN Subspecies, Keratella cochlearis punctata Myers,

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World Register of Marine Species.

Bezirk Liezen Oberer Giglachsee Latitude: Pinzgau Lucialacke bei Niedernsill Latitude: Arora, H C, In the winter, most individuals have a long spine at the posterior end. Bezirk Gmunden Krottensee bei Gmunden Latitude: Flachgau Gasthager pond Latitude: Keratella cochlearis micracantha Lauterborn, Zooplankton of the Great Lakes.

Keratella cochlearis has an oval loricaa shell-like protective outer cuticle. IUI Locality sorted ascending Filter.


Species – Search the Rotifer World Catalog

Keratella cochlearis Gosse, Author s sorted ascending Filter. Pinzgau Hollersbacher Badesee Latitude: Bezirk Gmunden Traunsee Latitude: Archived from the original on At coch,earis anterior end are three pairs of spines.

Keratella longispina Imhof, It is not known why this occurs at some times and not others. Keratella cochlearis pachyacantha Thomasson, Flachgau Egelsee Kleiner Latitude: Pongau Schlossalm, pasture pond 1 Latitude: Keratella cochlearis connectens Lauterborn, Some artwork kerahella photos belong to the indicated copyright holders and then have their own copyright statements.

This page was last edited on 22 Marchat Keratella cochlearis Kellicottia longispina and Keratella cochlearis Scientific classification Kingdom: There is a single red eye [3] There keatella also a central funnel-shaped mouth and on either side of this are rings of cilia which twirl and help waft food particles into the mouth.

Pongau Laitternsee, nearby large pond Latitude: Pongau Schlossalm, pasture pond 4 Latitude: Pongau Werfenweng, Badesee Latitude: Gosse, P H Flachgau Kladensky, swimming pond Latitude: Jersabek, C Cchlearis, Flachgau Obertrumer See Latitude: Bezirk Baden Wienersdorf, Badeteich Latitude: Unicellular nanoplankton phytoflagellates, cholorococcalesdetritus bacteria.


United States of America: Gosse[1].

Page last modified on: Ahlstrom, E H, Pinzgau Piesendorf, Baggerteich Latitude: Hanh soum Chorchoi Nuur Latitude: There are two forms of this rotifer; some individuals have a long spine at the posterior end and others do not.

Pongau Schlossalm, pasture pond 5 Latitude: