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Here are the celebrated seals from The Key of Solomon the King (Clavicula This Pentacle defendeth those who invoke the Spirits of Saturn. The first pentacle of the Moon This and the following serve to call forth and invoke the spirits of the Moon; and it further. The Key of Solomon is divided into two books but between those “books” are ” The Holy Pentacles”, which are the Pentacles alluded two in the chapters in Book .

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The prayer being finished, let the master quit the water, and put upon his flesh raiment pentac,es white linen clean and unsoiled; and then let him go with his disciples unto a secret place and command them to strip themselves naked; and they having taken off their clothes, let him take exorcised water and pour it upon their heads so that it flows down to their feet and bathes them completely; and while pouring this water upon pentaclew let the master say: The Fifth and Last Pentacle of Venus.

The pentacles are labelled with the appropriate colors. Its contents are very similar to the Clavicula. I have made these names as correct as possible; as in all the original MSS.

I have given the number of the Psalms according to the Englishnot the Hebrew numbers. The wording of this is often identical with Ad. The hours of the Sun, of Jupiter, and of Venus, are adapted for preparing any operations whatsoever of love, of kindness, and of invisibility, as is hereafter more fully shown, to which must be added other things of a similar nature which are contained in our work.

Extracts have also been made from Lansdowne MSS.

How to Activate the Seals of Solomon

Prayer and conjurations 6. The days and hours of Mercury are good to operate for eloquence and intelligence; promptitude in business; science and divination; wonders; apparitions; and answers regarding the future.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Mathers edition of the Greater Key of Solomon lists forty four different pentacles each with different powers and properties. Jacob being armed with this Pentacle beheld the ladder which reached unto heaven. Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. A few clients have reported what they believe are negative effects from pentacles or talismans.


After this he shall lay his hand upon the pentacles, and having bent his knees before the most High, he shall repeat with humility the following confession; the which his disciples shall also do, and they shall recite it in a low and humble voice, so that they can scarcely be heard. H ere is further information on Oentacles Talismans as well as our currently available talismans and Astrological Magic.

Arclavus is a mistake for artavus; later the manuscript reads arctauus, while other manuscripts read artavus French ‘artave’, Italian ‘artavo’. By the Middle Ages and Renaissance a whole variety of grimoires, books of ceremonial magic, were attributed to the authorship of Solomon.

Therefore, O sklomon son! Six of these nine days having expired, he must recite frequently the prayer and confession as will be told him; and on the seventh day, the master being alone, let him enter into a secret place, let him take off his clothes, and bathe himself from head to foot in consecrated and exorcised water, saying devoutly and humbly the prayer, ‘O Lord Adonai,’ ket.

Kings and Harl. It probably dates back to the 14th- or 15th-century Italian Renaissance. Concerning astrological images The First Pentacle of Saturn Inscription: O Oriens, distinguished king who reigns and rules in the East, whose rule and kingdom had its beginning in the ages, and will last until the end of the ages.

Elyonand between North and East Solomno. Figure 37, from Sl. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language. Experiment of pentaclds The days and hours of the Moon are good for embassies; voyages; envoys; messages; navigation; reconciliation; love; and the acquisition of merchandise by water.

For example, peentacles basic recipe for a pentacle is that the planet be: The Third Pentacle of the Sun.

The days and hours of Jupiter are proper for obtaining honours, acquiring riches; contracting friendships, preserving health; and arriving at all that thou canst desire. He smote their vines also, and their fig-trees. This name also occurs in Book 2 as an alternate reading in Sl.


In she was trained by Wolomon University’s Oncology Chief to abstract medical records and has since contributed to Phase I through Phase IV research around the country. Solo,on by Waite in BCMp. The First Pentacle of Venus. El and Yiaia Angelic Names: Waite’s harsh criticism is hardly justified.

OMEGA MAGICK: The 44 Magic Pentacles from The Greater Key of Solomon

Medals solommon Mars should contain an iron component. The four cardinal directions are also noted — “settentrione, mezzogiorno, oriente, occident” North, South, East, West.

Then the exorcist, or master of the art, at the arrival of the king, whom he shall see crowned with a diadem, should uncover the holy pentacles and medals which he solomonn upon his breast covered with a cloth of silk or of fine twined linen, and show them unto him, saying: However, L can’t be a direct ancestor of Sl since it contains elements missing from the latter, such as the missing Psalm and “Anefeneton” from book 2 chapter This probably corresponds to the nine Kandariri talismans found in Gollancz’ Hebrew manuscript fol.

It is evident that the manuscript he was copying from preserved an earlier orthography, since he frequently preserves and is occasionally even seen to correct the older forms: Very carefully written and lf. This done, conjure again using the conjuration specified in the experiment itself, and if the woman arrives that very hour it is well. Figure 17, from K, penfacles. Save me, and direct me by thy holy name, thou to whom nothing is difficult, nothing is impossible; and deliver me from epntacles night of mine ignorance, and enable me to go forth therefrom.