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La Bastida de les Alcusses – Monumentos en la Comunitat Valenciana – Spain. This is the most important Iberian settlement of those located in the Region of. LA BASTIDA DE LES ALCUSSES In the middle of Terres dels Alforins, at about meters avobe the sea level, there is located the Iberian settlement of “La. Fabbrica della Conoscenza numero 46 Collana fondata e diretta da Carmine Gambardella Fabbrica della Conoscenza Collana fondata e diretta da Carmine.

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The principal crops were unirrigated cereals barley, wheat and millet as well as legumes broad beans alcussds peas. Maria Grazia Quieti Ph. The element is characterized by the oblique angle of the fastener struts which discourage climbing, the horizontal level of its front view and the height difference of the gaps which invite informal support for people of different heights.

One of the most interesting data resides in his short existence, alcussex barely a century, violently truncated in the middle of the 4th century B. We highlight that the design feature of these scale-models has been executed based on the analysis and preliminary research for this type of 3-dimensional resource. Rasqueta, pales i som-hi! The site has been consolidated and even one of its houses has alcussea entirely rebuilt. The three implemented tactile scale-models were manufactured in cast bronze on display tables and accessible supports.

Entry to the site is free.

Although the site’s degree of conservation is very good, the basements of the buildings are the only structures conserved in situ. It is put up for visits and has an interesting offer of didactic workshops.

These intense campaigns discovered an important part of its urban structure and also provided important findings of moveable nature, where we emphasise small sheet leads with Iberian writings and, specially, a little bronze figure that has passed on to posterity as the Warrior of Moixent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All of them include the overall representation in the same layout of the settlement comprised in the wall’s perimeter, the position of each one in the complex and a compass for spatial orientation.


La Bastida de les Alcusses is interpreted as an oppidum or fortified central place of a political territory. For this purpose, several site boundary elements were designed which limit access to the site zones, specifying the transit areas and the excavation sites and they also serve as the temporary support for the visitors.

La Bastida was abandoned around the third quarter of the 4th century BC following a violent episode with other Iberian groups of the area. Status and wealth are shown in jewellery, house size and imported goods. These intense campaigns discovered an important part of its urban structure and also provided important findings of moveable nature, where we emphasise small sheet leads with Iberian writings and, specially, a little bronze figure that has passed on to posterity as the Warrior of Moixent.

The main criteria has been a deep respect for the valuable landscape of the settlement in its particular site and the protection of the heritage of these ruins with minimal invasive interventions.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to La Bastida de les Alcusses. Simultaneously, the presented intervention has become an essential support resource for the Communication and Educational Project of the Bastida de les Alcusses included as an educational program in the Secondary Education centres; the scale-models are milestones in the route which reinforce the oral alucsses and the possibility to touch represents a sensory stimulus for the students.

La Bastida de les Alcusses

Famous from the first decade of the 20th century, it was object of excavations between the years and by the recently founded Prehistory Research Service and Prehistory Museum of the Valencian Government. For more information please consult our cookies policy.

Bastiida current environment of the site is a forest area with major ecological value with a pine wood and wlcusses Mediterranean scrubland. Based on the tracking data which has been recorded, an average of annual visitors has been estimated in recent years, which have been enhanced by regular and original educational activities such as the aforementioned visit workdays which were attended by persons in a single weekend. Other nearby perpendicular streets organise lateral areas and spaces without buildings laid out as squares.

For more information please consult our cookies policy. The current fruit tree cultivation in alcuszes plain have transformed many plots, but it is still possible to observe a landscape, essentially characterised by the traditional rhythm of agricultural labours with hardly any modern buildings. Further spaces housed milling equipment and more specialised activities such as metallurgy, weaving and other artisanal activities.


La Bastida de les Alcusses

Its strategic location favoured the interchange of raw materials and manufactured goods by prestigious projects, such as Greek ceramics. Secondly, the abandonment was triggered by a violent episode, which caused fires and pillage where the inhabitants left behind the majority of their daily life implements, tools in perfect condition and personal objects, which were discovered in situ in the excavations.

Identification, Analysis and Management. In both cases, the aim was to make an impact on the design options by means of forms batida materials [5], in order to act as a mediator in the appreciation of this archaeological setting, the quality of this landscape, and visitor’s exploration of the itinerary with greater autonomy. The village reached a six-hectares area, limited by a powerful wall reinforced with three towers and equipped by four doors, one of them blocked.

Xe Fallas, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The Iberian Settlement of Bastida de les Alcusses: If you continue to browse, we consider that bwstida are accepting its use.

La Bastida de les Alcusses (Moixent): life of Iberians 2, years ago

This relation is established from diverse perceptive scopes that reinforce the valuation and lq for the landscape. The organisation of the buildings has been structured along a central street which crosses the entire settlement and several perimeter roads next to the wall sections. Other agricultural tools found at the site include billhooks, sickles, hoes and rakes, forming one of the most complete tool assemblages known for pre-Roman agriculture in Spain.

As such, it was probably only inhabited for three or four generations. Click here to sign up. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. Commons category link is on Wikidata Coordinates on Wikidata.