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Editorial Reviews. Review. This is the first of E. E. “Doc” Smith’s six Lensman books, and although it isn’t as fast-paced as later Lensman novels. Triplanetary (The Lensman Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by E. E. Smith. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. This is the first of E. E. “Doc” Smith’s six Lensman books, and although it isn’t as fast-paced as later Lensman novels, it sets the stage for what is perhaps the.

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Fortunately, my weapons are even more powerful! Tgiplanetary Maker and Trope Namer. A peace is negotiated and the Nevians are forced to acknowledge humans as equals. In this story Virgil Samms and Roderick Kinnison, important members of the two breeding lines, are introduced. In point of fact, according to some sources, the Lensmen inspired another famous Chosen Many, the Green Lantern Corps. The non-Kinnison triplxnetary of the Arisians’ human breeding project was marked by “red-bronze-auburn” hair.

Jan 26, Glen rated it liked it Shelves: You need to login to do this. Perhaps I would’ve liked it better when I was 10 to 12 years old or so.

Triplanetary (Lensman, book 1) by E E ‘Doc’ Smith

Used heavily by the villains. The iron is used in this form by the Nevians to power their interstellar ships and their power plants at home. Except that this was a false appearance in both cases, arranged by Mentor to hide from Kinnison that Fossten was really Gharlane of Eddore.

One weapon that eventually becomes standardized for both sides is the “free planet” – a small, rocky, generally otherwise-useless planetoid given a network of inertialess drives so that it can be dragged off wherever needed, then turned loose to seriously wreck someone’s day. The Kinnison bloodline plays an important role for Civilization, since it was carefully bred over millennia by the Arisians to produce a race of super-beings that would ultimately supplant the Arisians themselves.


Averted; whether it’s ray guns actually vaporizing people lensmaan Deflector Shields reradiating energy to their surroundings and setting them on fire, Smith is one rare sci-fi author who understands that not only does energy have to be generated, it also has to go somewhere.

How Do I Shot Web?


The Arisians’ “Visualization of the Cosmic All”, which effectively gives them precognition from sufficiently analyzing a person or object. Patrolman Conway Costigan and his friends engage in a space battle with Gray Roger the pirate gangster. Yes, the characters are a bit “stock”, but the plotting is extraordinarily imaginative, the writing style fluid and propulsive.

However, from the perspective of the races of Civilization, personal liberty is recognized as a pole star to be desired by everyone, the rigid fascism and Triplqnetary Darwinism of Boskone are utterly inimical to this, and the narrator does use “evil” as a shorthand rtiplanetary Boskonian actions.

Triplanetary is the first self-contained novel in E.

After the trio has been captured by Gray Roger, Clio has the following conversation with her guide: When one runs the numbers for the starship Dauntlessone learns that its power system can generate six times the solar insolation experienced by Earth. Do You Remember Love? The novel covers several episodes in an eons-long human breeding project by the super-intelligences of the Arisians.


Doc Smith’s dreadful space opera series.

The pros were so cheesy and the plot so triplanetayr that it was a real chore to struggle through to the end. Both authors, writing in the early 30s, are extremely concerned about current theories of planetary formation; this was the period when most scientists believed that the Solar System started lesman another star had a near miss with our own sun, dragging matter out of trip,anetary by tidal forces.

Any of the protagonists is a One-Man Army who can take on large numbers of mook enemies and win. I also listened to the other version and it too is wonderfully done.

The Arisians point out to Helmuth that there is absolutely no way to defeat them, and that if humanity proves incapable of using the Lens to defeat Boskone, then they’ll just let him conquer and corrupt this iteration of Civilization while they wait for another one.

Could that partly be because audiences who would have sought out that kind of entertainment from written stories are now getting it from movies? Among Tellurians and similar species, it’s an accepted fact that high levels of mathematical intellect will lead to a bit of instability, and the exceptions are at least Second Lensamn.

Kimball’s peaceful farm world practically as soon as the Lens is on his hand. Primary beams, which take the mechanism of a regular beam projector and use it as trilpanetary one-shot cartridge.