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Leptospirosis cases on the rise in Kerala In the wake of Leptospirosis out break after the floods, there is huge rush at the laboratory at. Flood-hit Kerala is now facing the aftermath of the natural disaster. It is currently hit with leptospirosis or rat fever, which is a bacterial infection. In Kerala, a leptospirosis alert has been issued after the floods. Well, by taking certain precautions, you can safeguard yourself.

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We aim to help the world discover great products made by small enterprises. Please Email the Editor. Doxycycline is a prophylactic medicine used to prevent the incidence and spread of leptospirosis. Ever since August 1, 12 people have reportedly died because of leptospirosis in the flood-hit state.

If you have open cuts or wounds, get them treated immediately, and secure them with a waterproof bandage, so that it does not get infected. Health authorities made efforts to prevent outbreaks by providing prophylactic drugs in flood-affected areas.

For more accuracy, a Keralq test might be recommended. Symptoms of leptospirosis are similar to symptoms of flu and even meningitis. The directorate has since issued specific guidance for prophylactic doses and treatment options. A person is likely leptospirossis catch leptospirosis when around soil or water in which an infected animal has peed.

September 04, This is the reason why the disease is also known as rat fever. Woman gives birth on railway platform; cops create labour room If all of us come together with a small monthly contribution, we can make a real and meaningful difference in helping restore normalcy to those who need our help the most.

You may take this situation very seriously and alert the entire clinical team of your district. Featured Today In Travel.


Kerala Floods: Rat Fever-Leptospirosis Alert Sounded; 5 Ways to Stay Safe

Of the 19, seven are confirmed deaths and remaining twelve are suspected cases. The measures taken by the Health department are elptospirosis in the current situation but Health officials are worried that if the numbers were to go up, the health system resources could be under strain as more patients would require high-end care.

The DMO added that there are 64 people who are suspected to be suffering from leptospirosis, whose reports are awaited.

Related Topics Health Kerala health treatment. The situation in private sector, as per reports, is not alarming and serious cases of lepto complications are still being dealt by the Government Medical Colleges. All Comments Your Activity. You may also like: Inthere were leptoslirosis, confirmed cases in Kerala, of which 80 deaths were reported, and inthere were 1, cases, of keraala 35 deaths occurred.

This article is closed for comments. Its symptoms include high fever, headache, chills, abdominal pain and rashes.

Leptospirosis cases rise in Kerala – The Hindu

Should a person with any keptospirosis cuts or injury wade into this water, there is a chance of the same being transmitted to them. Rats and other rodents are the main carriers of leptospirosis. Read Post a comment. Since Kerala is recovering from floods, this may be difficult and puts you at increased risk.

Kerala: Leptospirosis remains unabated; death toll rises to 19 | Kozhikode News – Times of India

Skip to main content. However, grassroots health workers and volunteers engaged in rescue efforts on the ground may not have understood the seriousness of the threat of leptospirosis.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that spreads through the urine of infected animals.

The germ can invade in your body through skin breaks like open woundsdry areas or keraal. You too can be a part of this movement and help us raise funds for the NGOs working to rehabilitate these families. Let’s work together to keep leptospirosi conversation civil. Leptospirosis is a zoonotic bacterial disease that is transmitted through contact of the skin and mucous membranes with water or mud contaminated with rodent urine.


Leptospirosis cases on the rise in Kerala

September 04, In alone, there were confirmed cases of leptospirosis reported in the state of Kerala, of which there were 80 deaths reported. Since the diseases spread through contaminated water or soil, try limiting contact with them.

Common symptoms of leptospirosis include headache, high fever, redness of leptoepirosis eye, diarrhoea, muscle pain and vomiting to name a few. While at most times, private hospitals sometimes hesitate to report deaths due to infections fearing that they might be blamed for poor treatment, they have been more proactive in reporting cases in the aftermath of the floods.

The disease can affect both humans and animals. Laboratory diagnosis of leptospirosis continues to be a challenge, because current serological tests which tests for antibodies, like ELISA, do not give confirmatory results in the acute phase of the disease. Health and other relief and rescue volunteers were told about the importance of these prophylactic doses. Elderly people and those suffering from kidney or liver ailments are more vulnerable to the disease. It infects humans when they leptosplrosis in direct contact with the urine of infected animals – especially dogs, rodents and farm animals – or urine-contaminated environment.