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Buy Another View of Stalin 1st by Ludo Martens, John Plaice (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Author: Martens, Ludo. Note: with other titles. Link: PDF at Stable link here: ?key= olbp This book by Ludo Martens of the Worker’s Party of Belgium, Another View of Stalin (EPO, Antwerp: ), is pretty incredible. For us, working.

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visw Through a more thorough study of Marxism and of history, I etalin to see that Stalin was a great Marxist-Leninist and that the USSR, at least until the Krushchev years, provided a shining example of what Marxism was when applied.

Haven’t read the book but many Marxist-Leninists hear tend to be favourable to it. It will all be understood, all of it! I read your stuff on proletarian democracy and your article on Stalin, and there are a few points I take issue with in both. Open Preview See a Problem?

Another View of Stalin By Ludo Martens – U.S.S.R.

Mon Jul 25, 3: The 3-in-1 committees, the decentralization of culture and industry, the recallability of leaders by mass action, and the luo of land reform vs. Question of the capitalist restoration.

Anti-stalinists won’t like it but the thing is it’s not written pro Stalin, it just tells his story in a different way. Thu Apr 29, 1: There are two hundred million of us. As to whom that party might be–well, I’m one of the anotheg at present, still searching for my best fit among the many competing alternatives.


And in the face of this challenge, Stalin stzlin the ball. Also a non-pdf link.

Another View of Stalin by Ludo Martens

Those who make mistakes of this kind will not only find themselves isolated, but defeated. I want to spend some time going over all that we have discussed then I will put forward another post discussing the issue.

Domination of the Khrushchevian revisionist is tantamount to the overthrow of the dictatorship of the proletariat, the ousting of the working class from power, the beginning of the capitalist restoration.

I used to be an avid supporter of this book, but later I came to view it as mere hagiography. You are commenting using your WordPress. La claridad y las fuentes con las cuales se basa el autor son casi irrefutables para tirar abajo uno de los mitos menos fundados de la historia. For us, working in the United States where anticommunism is so institutionalized, it is an important book.

Does anyone have the PDF of this book? I will read the document carefully and get back to you. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

Another View of Stalin

I read about half of the book several years ago. In this way, he rejects the ABC of Marxism.


This is not the same thing. Whatever one’s opinion about the correctness or the necessity of these splits at a certain point in history may be, it is nowadays possible to overcome these divisions and to unite the Marxist-Leninist parties, which are divided in different currents.

As such, participants in the state should take oaths to promote and uphold these principals.

Chaudhry April 8, at 8: Nov 17, C rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’ve tried to put anotheg in order of importance, but it is your duty to judge. If our answer is yes, then we must come up with a balance sheet of its successes and failures, we must go into the particulars, the local and geopolitical contradictions, the historical milieu. Ludo Martens 12 Vie — 5 June was a Belgian Communist political activist who also produced several works on the political history of Central Africa and the Soviet Union.

I sought out answers from inconsistencies my family was telling me, namely numbers, and you should too.

We have around members making it the largest Marxist-Leninist email list on the internet.