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Quick Tips for Polycom Telepresence m Jones, John. My IP: My Contacts. Enter an IP address, extension. (E address), or URL to call. Notes. Polycom RealPresence Desktop is an easy-to-use video collaboration app that provides HD quality audio, video and content sharing for PC users. Polycom Telepresence m Search our knowledge base or browse our documentation for answers to your support questions.

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It implies an immersive experience and is achieved by using high-cost, high quality, equipment in dedicated rooms often using dedicated private m00. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Within minutes the simple software can be downloaded and installed.

Data Sharing The software uses the H. The capped calls at kbps were set up to simulate an ADSL broadband connection. The video window, which shows local video by default and shows remote video when in a call. The program polycomm downloaded from the PolyCom web site. The software allows you to choose whether or not to use an H. The video display is maintained while the window is resized, so the popycom from one size of video window to another is smooth.

The interface consists of:. It would have also been necessary to change the settings on the organisation firewall to allow inbound and outbound calling without an H. The software auto-completes the address or name that you are using and offers the choices of completed numbers in a drop-down list.


On the product website are various help documents: The m menu An polycm feature is the ability for the administrator to protect some of the configuration options with a password.

There is extensive documentation available for the product. Password protection of configuration features Connectivity As mentioned above, it was necessary to change the settings on the firewall of the local PC. If not already installed, the set-up process indicates that it is necessary to install Adobe AIR Runtime 2.

Its intuitive and simplified interface lets users search directories for colleagues or friends and click a name to call, discuss projects, and share virtually anything from their desktop with remote participants and teams. In general interoperation with other modern systems was very good. It is not possible to specify or control the call settings, for example the outbound video format.

It is not possible to change the user interface very much: User interface inflexible No recording polycpm Only shares the desktop — not specific applications running on the desktop. Depending on their configuration, some gatekeepers do not allow calls to be made by IP address when the endpoint is registered to the gatekeeper. The user interface on the desktop. M Client – 5pk Point to Point: Because all configuration options are hidden, the m has a very simple and intuitive user interface.

Polycom Telepresence m Videoconferencing Client | Jisc community

No Dual Camera Capable: These are repeated at each bandwidth while video quality is rated. The software uses the H. The software uses a restricted set of ports to transport the audio and video media and it is possible for these ports to be configured manually by the user.


Video evaluation tests It was noted that the software used VGA x pixels as the video format when in calls at kbps but QVGA x pixels when calling at kbps.

Polycom m100 Client 5 Users (Discontinued)

The Quick Tips pdf is designed to be a folding double-sided A4 sheet. The single menu makes accessing all configuration options very simple.

The licence activation key is sold by PolyCom resellers or their partners. Release notes to accompany the current edition of the software.

Polycom Telepresence m – Support – Polycom

The installation of m was then finished. It was not necessary for the testers to consult any documentation at all in order to start using the software. The issues that the H. The data sharing is easy to use, quick to start and is presented very clearly, but it is restricted when compared to similar desk-top clients, in that it only offers the possibility of full desktop sharing.

The client is easy to use, and offers many of ploycom features found in dedicated videoconferencing equipment, including: In general the audio consistency and mm100 were of a very high standard. There was no problem in registering with the local H. The audio still scored top marks throughout with the single exception of a slightly polyfom occasional stutter when double talking.