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The French title of Gonçalo Amaral’s book, “A Verdade da Mentira,” is, “Maddie: L’ Enquête Interdite,” The Forbidden Investigation. This is the Foreword from the. so that justice can finally be done in the investigation known as the “Maddie case. ” Truth and A Verdade Da Mentira: The Truth About The Lie. Chapter 1. Maddie: la verdad de la mentira [Gonçalo Amaral] on *FREE* shipping on Tradución de: Maddie, a verdade da mentira. McCann, Madeleine .

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That the stress on the Jane sighting really exists is visible from Kate McCann’s suggestion in her own book that Jane’s man and the man seen later by an Irish family are quite likely the same. This can only mean one thing: An excellent and plausible account of the alleged abduction of Madeleine Mccann written by the senior investigating officer.

I am a Brit and am shocked at what I have read so far in this book and seen from the evidence in it, none of which has been reported by the UK press to my knowledge even though I believe the police report is available in full. It’s not sensationalist, it’s full of short, precise chapters with facts and results laid out. The Crime of the Century. They’ve threatened legal action on anyone who sells it in the U. How does one of the world’s top cadaver dogs get the scent of a corpse off a child’s cuddly toy?

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Maddie: A Verdade da Mentira | BOOKS | Pinterest | Books

It should be noted that this review is based on an English translation by Anna Andress and not the bound, published version of the book. This is a very interesting and important book! A friend recently put me onto a facebook page that is The McCanns had this book banned, but the decision was appealed.


It is considered one Beira by birth, metnira migration and Lisbon Algarve for adoption. Dit deel van het boek interesseerde mij het minst en heb ik dan ook met een schuin oog gelezen.

A form of Calpol called Calpol Night, which is not as frequently used in the UK as regular Calpol, does contain an anti-histamine so could make a child drowsy, through it would not truly sedate them.

PDF: Maddie A Verdade da Mentira

Chased for years, effectively, all sorts of violent and organized crime: Toen ze na het eten terugkeerden, was Madeleine verdwenen. The most condemning evidence is that trained uk police sniffer dogs picked up blood and cadaver fluid in the Mccann apartment and in the car they cerdade after Madeleine disappeared.

Reading this, it’s easy to see why the McCanns want i The McCanns had this book banned, but the decision was appealed. Jun 04, Lozzi Counsell menyira it it was amazing. Oct 09, Stephen Brody rated it it was amazing.

Maddie – A Verdade da Mentira

Even in retirement, they continue to inspire me and to be present in my life. It definitely left me thinking that the parents had some involvement in Madeline’s death. Sep 10, Silke added it Shelves: If you look or think back to the interview the morning after she went missing, the Mccanns were not upset at all, sorry but if a mother had her little girl taken she would be inconsolably upset.

And how is that dismissed? Certainly no-one would volunteer to be put in such a situation in a story. A good read however. This book in no way mentirw on the family, it is simply a man doing his job no matter how difficult people make it for him.

So, as we can affirm the historical existence of the nightly discussion, we need to ask ourselves whether Matthew’s visit to the apartment was historical i.


Will this book be published in English? Hopefully the whole truth will come out one day. You feel both the excitement and frustrations of the team at critical points in the investigation. It is available translated into English here; I will be purchasing a copy of this in support of the author …more http: But most importantly, the intense sadness of it all really got to me again. I think their reaction to the book is more telling.

He joined the Public Administration inaged Goncalas Amaral was dismissed from the case and the case was closed shortly after. So, if the deadly accident around The book is written in such a way that you truly feel that you are following the developments of the investigation, only occasionally jarred out of this by a retrospective comment. Rather, its importance lies in it being a readable transcription from the voluminous files of the first and indeed only thorough police investigation into this highly mysterious and perplexing case, perhaps one of the strangest and famous – or infamous – in the annals of crime.

Their accounts of the event vary. Now suppose, as Amaral discusses, that the theory mentida Madeleine dying in the apartment from a vrrdade from the sofa when Gerry was talking to another holiday guest veradde from the group verdadf, is right.

To ask other readers questions about Maddie – A Verdade da Mentiraplease sign up. Amaral does not prove his theory, having barking dogs that don’t bite.